Welcome Bekah to Blogging

I guess it’s bound to happen, but if you have your own blog and spend time with it, your children are going to want one as well. My daughter has been asking for her own blog for a couple of years now, but hubby has always said, “NO!” The web is a scary place for a man with only one daughter 😉 After some discussion, we decided to allow Bekah her blog, but only after she took web design courses with some coding on the side. For the time being, she has been granted Guest Post privileges here as she learns how to write her blog posts. Welcome, Bekah, to blogging!


Hello! My name is Bekah. I’m the only girl in a household of 7, unless you count my mom, who so graciously was able to get my dad to let me have a blog. To help me in my journey of becoming a professional Blogger, my Mom is teaching me HTML and CSS. I’m looking forward to mastering them!

I’ve wanted a blog since I was young, but for different reasons than I do now. Back then I just wanted to be cool, hence I wanted something social media-ish. Now… Well, now I guess I just want to share my writings with the world, and I want to share my opinions as well. I will be writing here on Mom’s blog until I have mastered my web design classes. The hard work of my classes will result in my very own blog space!

The majority of what I write is probably going to be lists of Top 5s and Top 10s. I’ll make special posts around holidays, or the birthdays of my family and friends. I will also post art and writings, but not as often as other posts.

The name I am choosing for my blog is: Bekah the Bookworm. I’ve been reading since I was really young; what can I say? I’m a bookworm. I love books so much; I’ve actually begun writing few novels. I’m even a member of a tween’s Writer’s Group and Book Club. I hope to have a wonderful blogging experience!


4 thoughts on “Welcome Bekah to Blogging”

  1. Bekah,

    Welcome to the blogosphere! You’ve provided your mother’s readers with an excellent first post. I love books as well and I happily spent my childhood and teens with my head in a book. My favorite, which I read many times, was Little Women. I look forward to hearing about your adventures and your top 5/10’s

    Have a blessed week..


    1. Mrs. Christine,

      Thank you very much!! Believe it or not, Little Women just so happens to be one of my favorite classics.
      Thanks again for the positive feedback!

      God bless,

  2. Welcome Bekah! I wish you the best of luck, and I can’t wait to see you grow as a writer/blogger! When I grow up (I’m 37), I want to be a professional writer!

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