Wrapping Up the 1950’s


We have lived through a week of illness in our home. It was the really gross tummy illness and only 2 of our 7 were able to avoid it. Even mommy got sick and thankfully daddy was able to come home and hold down the fort while mommy was out! So today, we are planning a bleach party and have all the bedding down in the laundry room. Thankfully, God is giving Germany a bright, sunny day with mid-50’s temps. I feel a long walk coming on 😉 


We have been walking through “The War Years” in our homeschool. We have studied WWII, The Korean War, and are about to head in to the Vietnam War. I love how the study of the beginning of these wars have opened my children’s eyes. Often my oldest would say “isn’t that what so-and-so is saying now? Don’t they know what that means?”

The Korean War is a bit more personal for me, because I lost a great-uncle in the war. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but I knew his wife very well. She was my Aunt Irene, and Irene was a classy lady (as I noted in that blog post). I miss her quite a bit!

me with 'everett'

Some of the things we learned:

  • My great-uncle would have been killed in the first wave attempt to push North Korea back across the 38th Parallel. It was a failed attempt and most of those soldiers died. 
  • Harry S. Truman was the 3rd of FDR’s vice-presidents in his 4 Presidential terms.
  • One of the first things Truman faced as President was whether or not to use the atomic bomb on Japan.
  • America got involved with the Korean War in order to keep communism from spreading. The Iron Curtain of communism had most of the western world in fear.
  • President Harry S. Truman ordered General MacArthur to stay south of the 38th Parallel, an order he disregarded.
  • General MacArthur didn’t take seriously the intel that China was going to join the North Korean Army and was ambushed by Chinese forces in Chosin Reservoir (this is the Japanese pronunciation of Changjin) 
  • The UN troops were able to break free, but had to leave their wounded/dead on the battlefield. These troops earned the name “The Chosin Few”.



  • Double Headed Eagle. A fascinating look at Hitler’s speeches translated in English, looking at how the Nazi Party came to power after WWI.
  • World War II. Another Crash Course History video, we do love these!
  • Presidents documentary: Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Korean War: part 1 and part 2, very good info in these videos!

IMG_2258My daughter has been begging for a blog all her own. To prepare her for this possibility, we are asking her to complete some web design courses. Once she is done with her courses, she will be getting her blog. Until that time, she will be learning the finer points of writing a blog post by sharing them here on my blog 🙂 Baby steps in this big blogging world!

Bekah is taking courses through Webucator. I love these courses! I am hoping to have the time to do a full review of the courses we have done. They are excellent!


Do any of your kids have a blog? 


We found a new food love this past week. As part of our study of Korea, we made Bulgogi. We got the recipe from a friend who has actually gone on mission trips to Asia. It was amazing! I had folks fighting over the last scoop of meat, until daddy pulled rank and grabbed it 😉 My 7-year-old has learned to stay out of such battles and he chose to dump the last of the meat drizzle on to his rice.

I also made my very first Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwald kuchen). It tasted great! Hubby thought a bit of coconut would have been nice in-between the layers, but I just don’t know about that.

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We are remembering the Christian martyrs who were beheaded by ISIS this past week. If you have never heard the term ‘Coptic Christian’, I recommend reading this article for the history of the term. These were men who chose Christ over all this world had to offer, including keeping their heads in the face of true persecution. They are now at the throne of Grace. (Rev 14:13,18:24,20:4) 


Joining in with my two favorite Friday link-ups. Thank you for stopping by!

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12 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the 1950’s

  1. My goodness with all that sickness you all still got school done? Wow! You rock. 😀 I’m visiting from Weekly Wrap Up! Hope you all are feeling better soon.

    1. Thank you, Nita! My oldest two were the rock stars who held down the fort for the first have of the day until daddy could come home 😉 We did have a lighter week, though. Thank you for stopping by. Have I told you that Nita is my mother’s name? The first week you stopped by, it caught me by surprise 🙂 You have a pretty name!

  2. So glad you have recovered from your illness. Black Forest cake is one of my favourites and I had it at every one of my 6 wedding showers 43 years ago.

  3. new to your blog – from WUHS. What an interesting week of history and information!
    My 12 yr old son wants a blog – but I have no idea WHY. Just because he wants one – isn’t really enough reason for me to start one for him. Although I’m thinking he needs to learn how to type first! =)

    Hope you have a nice weekend!

    1. I hope you had a great weekend too, Stef! If your son gets his blog going, please let us know. I understand your hesitation about the blog. That’s why we put the learning requirements on and want her to practice posting here.

  4. So good to take a peek at you in Germany, Kay. I feel for you over the gastro virus. We had flu in January, which was awful.

    My boys enjoy delving into wars as well, and it is eye-opening to decide which were political and which were necessary. I taught them that the soldiers must be honored regardless of whether it was a fully necessary war. It was so sad what happened to the Vietnam soldiers when they returned, being treated so badly.

    Looking forward to reading more about your Germany adventures. My dad was stationed there when I was born., at Hagn Air Base, I think it was called, although that isn’t the correct spelling. My sister and I were both born there.

    Bless you this week.. I’m praying now about smooth sailing with the college courses for you.

    1. I will have to look up the Hagn Air Base! Do you maintain your dual citizenship? Wars can be very tricky things because you are so right that some are political and which were justified. My kids also just put it all together that the wars we have studied so far all took place in one century. That is a lot of fighting! Thank you for your prayers for my schooling!! I need it this semester!

  5. What an interesting article on Coptic Christians. You not only teach your kids but you teach your readers. These are terrible times we live in.

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