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Hubby was back in the states for a long weekend and flew back home on Monday. This means we cut a day from last week and this week. It was nice to have a shorter week to sort of catch our breath.

It’s not always fun to read through my spam comments. Some of them are so poorly written and others are obviously odd, but this week one caught my eye. I thought for a second that I was indeed being plagiarized and this person was alerting me to it. I realized it was spam, but this one at least was unique:

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This week we headed in to the 1960’s. It was another tough time in our own country as well as abroad. We haven’t been able to travel much over here, but one thing we have done is travel over to the former East Germany side. Talking with folks over there helped us to realize just how hard it became for East Germans. Because of the socialist government regulations: no one wanted to own land! Historic sites and churches were left in disrepair because communists didn’t care to spend money or resources on them.

We also looked at several aspects of the civil rights movement in the US. I believe that there were atrocities on both sides and it saddens me that people believe our country still resembles 1950-60. We have come far and we should celebrate that!

We also learned about Billy Graham. While I don’t agree on everything he says, doctrinally, I do believe he was used mightily by God. The movie Unbroken won’t go in to it, but Louis Zamporini came to know Christ at a Billy Graham revival. My hubby has had the privilege of doing a retreat at his Library in Charlotte, NC, and he said it was an amazing place full of the gospel message.

My hope and plan for the future is to serve God and do His will as a minister of the gospel. ~Billy Graham



  • The Berlin Wall, documentary. It’s a long video, 
  • Billy Graham Biography: God’s Ambassador. There are two parts to this video and we watched part one this week.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have a Dream” speech given from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in DC, 1963.
  • LBJ- 36th President, I never knew much about President Johnson. This was a nice, short, biography.
  • Nasa, The Complete Story. We watched the first video in the series to learn more about how Nasa came to be and why it was established.
  • The 60’s- The years That Shaped a Generation. This is a video for older kids only! The images of Vietnam are bloody and close up, the images of the hippies are sexual in nature. My older two watched this to learn more about the movement that did indeed shape a generation.






Today, March 20, Germany was able to see a partial solar eclipse. We tried our best to make viewers, but here in southern Europe, we only saw a small version of the eclipse. Our viewers were not awesome, so we watched the live feed on Youtube, but the kids enjoyed trying!!

 I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope to ‘see’ you all again next week, Lord willing! 


8 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap: Groovy Man”

  1. Sounds like a pretty busy week. What’s funny is that my husband was Stateside last week too. Funny!
    Love the 60s study. Sure was a lot going on back then.
    Anyhoo, hope you have a great weekend!

    1. We always bring back half a suitcase of things we miss from the US, like Duke’s mayo and Chickfila sauce. What do you guys bring back? You are right, lots going on in that era, not sure all of it was beneficial for us now, but so much of it was πŸ™‚

  2. It’s always hard to look at history and realize that at the core of who people are, we are all imperfect. However, seeing the progress and the way we learn from our mistakes is also a great revealing part of studying history. I’m visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

    1. So true, Nita! I am very thankful that my son recently said “wars are really complicated things, aren’t they?” No one is perfect and I am thankful that they are learning about it all. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love following your blog! We are also living in Germany(my husband is Army)! Our pictures of the eclipse look about the same as yours! Just wanted to say hi πŸ™‚ Hopefully, soon I will have my own blog to keep track of our stay+schooling here!

    1. I hope you get that going so I can read about your adventures! Small world, isn’t it? Have you been able to do much traveling? I would love to help you out getting your blog up and running if you would like. I love tinkering with mine, when I have the spare time πŸ˜‰

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