Patching Walls

It’s Throwback Thursday on FB, so I thought I would pull something out of the archives to share here today too (posted July 8, 2010). I have been missing my dog something fierce!!! So Heinrich, this is for you buddy:
1st snow 003

Not many may have heard about the wall patching we had to do at the rental house this last month. First, I must introduce you to our dog. We own a swissie named Heinrich, who is currently 120lbs. He insists on being exactly where his people are at all times, which is quite Inconvenient, especially in tight spaces.

Our oldest was sitting at the top of the stairs and our puppy was standing right underneath him. Daddy was trying to go down the steps himself, so to alleviate the bottle neck, daddy told the puppy to “git”.

Our large puppy chose to do a ballet pirouette right there on the steps. His right ‘ham’ hit the wall, which of course gave way, and as puppy ran down the steps daddy saw the large gaping hole in the wall. Daddy was not a mused.

Lowe’s has great wall patches for not much money. I happen to have become very good with a putty knife thanks to Uncle Sam moving us around every year or so, and now you can’t really see the spot at all.

But word to the wise, don’t tell large critters in tight spaces to “git”, cause they just might git the wrong way.

JJ and Heinrich

4 thoughts on “Patching Walls

  1. I remember when that happened! 🙂
    I was just talking about your family, the dog, and the rental to a friend the other day … can’t remember exactly why. (The connection, at a minimum, was that she had stopped by for lunch one day when I was dog-sitting!) Hope you guys are doing well! Every time time I hear about Germany in the news this week I think of you and miss you!

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