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This school assignment tool was amazing when I first found it back in 2013. Since then, they have made so many improvements that I had to update and rewrite this review. I can honestly say that is amazing and should be used by every school, home or not!!

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Back in 2013 I was stuck typing our weekly assignments out on my computer and printing them off for all of my students. It’s now 2015 and I have all 5 kids at the table. That makes for a lot of typing and printing! I really hate doing that for the ink cost and paper use. Finding this app was a paper, ink, and sanity saver! One of the best and newest improvements is the app! You can edit and adjust assignments on the go, though they won’t hit a student’s screen until you have linked with internet.

After signing up for my free account, I was able to set up a profile for myself, complete with the nickname I wanted visible on the website. My personal last name and email I chose not to display for safety purposes. You can add whatever information you wish to your profile and keep it as private as you wish also. I was also able to include any degrees, awards, or books I have personally published. My profile is public, my class schedules are visible for anyone who knows my ‘teaching’ name, but no one can edit or change my schedule without signing in.

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To sign up for a teacher’s account is both easy and free! To ease your privacy worries, after signing up, I was unable to search for my personal name or homeschool academy on their website. Homeschools are kept off the main search screen! You will have to verify your email account before you are able to create your class lists and assignments. The input screen is extremely user friendly. Simply use your mouse to check the options you wish for your classes. You can set up the class dates and times in a variety of ways. Because we are sticking to a more structured routine, I set our classes up for specific times each day.

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Within each class you have several options for adding assignments, lessons, and tests. Each task can have a due date and due time. These show up in your student’s app and they can sort their assignments by those due date priorities if they wish.

You can also place helpful links and resources into each class section. These are visible in the student’s app as well.

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You can add assignments easily inside the selected class. The pop-up screen has lesson title, due date, due time options as well as saving and creating another assignment without leaving the pop-up. Adding assignments and such were very easy.

myhomework app

Your students access their assignments via the myhomework app. You will need to load the free app onto your iPad, iPhone, or Kindle Fire separately from the website. It is also free, but I should warn you that the free version has adds. For one year of add-free service runs $4.99. Also, when signing a student up, the age of the student is requested. A student must be 13 years old to have an account. My children have email accounts that I monitor, so I feel confident in letting them use this app. The student sign-up requires this information. The age requirement decision must be a teacher/parent one.

Within the app, the classes and assignments are listed. These lists can be sorted for today, tomorrow, and such. The assignments can also be organized by class, priority,

Because each student has their own log in info, multiple students can use a single app on a single device. This is extremely handy for our homeschool classroom! The student can also add assignments to this app and schedule themselves, which is handy when they may have projects and such to do for a coop class. In fact I would highly recommend this for a homeschool coop or something of that nature.

Within the app, my student swipes the assignment to the right if he has completed it and swipes to the right to delete an assignment. If your student swiped an assignment on accident, the completed tasks are stored at the bottom of the assignment list as completed. Simply swipe the assignment again and it will restore the task to the top of the day again. If you have scheduled a task or class to be at a certain time on a certain day, the student will not be able to swipe it as completed until the set time. My oldest has found the app easy to use and he can track his assignments each day without keeping track of papers that may get lost in the shuffle. I would highly recommend this website and app to any homeschool family that has students old enough to manage an app schedule alone. My struggling 4th grader has opted not to use this app. He is not computer savvy and prefers to use paper and pencil. I am hoping to save myself time and eventually encourage him to use the app.

The customer service is stellar on the website as well. I offered a suggestion and received a response and kudos for the idea. These developers are eager to please and desire to help educators and students alike. Pass the word along for this great product and I do hope you find it as helpful as I have!


4 thoughts on “Homeschool Schedule Resource”

  1. Kay!!!!!!! I pinned this forever ago never knowing it was from your blog, which I read all the time. I was so excited when I opened this today. Dave is going to homeschool Grace this fall. Not sure if needs this app yet but I’m sending it to him just in case.

    1. Isn’t that funny when that happens? It happened to me when I bumped into a fellow blogger in real life. We had to laugh because we knew of each other in blog land, but never thought we would ever ‘meet’. I still love this app and they have made it even better since I posted this. I need to update it! How exciting that Grace is heading to school! How did that time fly so fast???

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