Art Set Pro

The house is quiet and the for moment, I don’t really care what the kids are doing. Ok, maybe I do, but I have to share this fun new art app that we found for my daughter. It’s called Art Set Pro, and even an art ignoramus like me can use it!



It’s very easy to use, you don’t have to have the newest version of fancy iPads nor some super sensitive stylus. You could actually just use your finger if you wished. But I do believe that this app would be great for a homeschool student who wishes to dabble in art while saving the cost of supplies and the mess around the house. The Pro version of the app is $6.99, or you can purchase the lite version for $1.99.

We found a great “how to” video and I even created my first little Rembrandt tree today. First time using the app, I was just doodling, but my husband was pretty excited for me. If you have an artist in your family, like we do, then I would highly recommend this app for them.


4 thoughts on “Art Set Pro

  1. Fantastic! What a cool tool. Ben has a program called “Animationish” ( that teaches cartooning and you can actually animate your creations. We also bought him a VisTablet that is like a mousepad with a stylus so you can draw far more accurately than you could with just a mouse or your finger. He’s made some pretty cool stuff! He’s determined to work for Pixar one day, and he really is a great artist, so we’re trying to encourage him in his passion and talents where we can. It was a Christmas gift for him a couple years ago.

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