Military Humor

Pulling this goody, but oldie out of archive for your Saturday smile 😉

Today is our Monday and I am failing at getting the ball rolling after a 4-day weekend! I was avidly avoiding doing homeschool with the kids this and I fell in to my favorite tactic: Pinterest! I tumbled across a couple of things that just made me smile, so of course I had to share!

First was a pic that reminded me of my days in the military. I joined to pay off my college debt and to serve my country. This picture did make me smile when I remember the lighter and more humorous days of service. One of my favorite things was driving a HMMWV (Humvee). We actually took ours through a Hardees drive through in Marshalltown, IA!


And who doesn’t love a good military video? I salute the Swedish Marines who did a fantastic job with “Grease Lightening”. Well done!

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!!

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