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The Black Forest

Here in Germany, folks love traveling down to the Schwarzwald, The Black Forest, for hiking and shopping. We are not much different! We have toured the Schwarzwald twice since moving to Germany, once for hiking and once for shopping. My husband will consider our time in Germany to be a “mission fail” if we don’t have a cuckoo clock by the time we head back to the USA, so ‘a hunting we did go’!

First, our hike was to Kloster Allerheiligen (All Saints Abby) near Oppenau. It’s a lovely ruin, resting in the Black Forest with a long history. Originally founded in 1192 when a donkey dropped a large sack of money on the property (of course this was a sign from God), it was elevated to an abbey in 1657. In 1802, the Margrave dissolved the abbey and confiscated the treasures during his “secularization” campaign. After the property burned in 1804 (lightening struck the church tower), the ruins were raided for building materials. Today, it simply reminds us of what once was, and is the doorway to the imagination when picturing days gone by.

The hike down to the waterfalls even has a few historic markers, and if your German is good enough, you can learn some Black Forest history.

Next, we simply drove the length of the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse, the Black Forest High Road. There are several beautiful scenic overlooks to stop and snap a picture! I wasn’t very steady on my first go around, but this is a panoramic via the iPad of my favorite scenic overlook on the High Road. One of my favorite all time drives! It’s even mysteriously beautiful the one time we drove it in the rain 😉


4 thoughts on “The Black Forest”

  1. My family will be visiting the Black Forest area of Germany this summer and plan to drive the Black Forest High Road. Are there any scenic overlooks that you would most recommend? Thank you!

    1. It’s been so long I don’t have specific scenic overlooks to recommend. I would give yourself as much time as possible to drive it slowly and stop when you see one you like 🙂 We really enjoyed the hike to the All Saints Waterfall and Freudenstadt will always be a favorite little town for us. I hope y’all have a great time!

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