Are You Hungry?

scaling backIf you are just joining Scaling Back, please head straight to the first step: Choosing a Goal. I believe that to make lifestyle and habitual changes, you must start at the beginning. Much of weight loss is habit changing and it just takes time to form new habits. So start at the beginning and work your way through my weight loss tactics. I am only sharing with you what I am doing myself. This year, I really want to have more energy and maybe it will result in me losing my Alaska weight 😉

This week on Scaling Back, we are going to begin learning about our bodies. No, not a real anatomy class. Mostly a lesson in messaging systems 😉 Do you know what it is to be hungry? I mean really hungry, not that munchie sensation.

There was once a time when I would eat pretty constantly. That happens when we don’t pay attention to the body God has given us and the natural signals used by it. Our body was designed from the organs to the brain to the nerve messaging system to work together. I don’t believe that the intricacies of our systems happened by chance. The system works as a well made factory with several moving parts that all must function together. Just ask any medical professional what happens when a slight adjustment is made to this system.

This is why I am a huge opponent to any diet pills. The way most of them ‘work’ is to cause your beautifully designed body to preform differently. It often causes a major body organ to not perform properly! Bad things happen to the human body when we tamper with the function of organs!! If you retard the ability and function of, say, the liver. Eventually parts of the liver will stop functioning, essentially dying off. As you get older, this half functioning organ (the liver) will cause numerous problems. So I oppose any dieting system that alters the function of the human body. The vanity of today is not worth the suffering that occurs down the road. (okay, getting off my soapbox, now, on to our step for today)

gremlin diagram

When our tummies are actually empty, it will send a signal to our brains that it needs more food. I think of this as a gremlin because the grehlin is what sends the signal that you need food in your stomach. For some it will sound like a rumbling in your tummy (thank you Pooh Bear). For others, it may be a sensation of heat in your stomach (that’s what it is for me). Now, if you are also like me, you haven’t ever really heard your tummy hungry. We tend to eat because we are sad, or we smell something yummy, or it’s noon and that’s just when we eat lunch. What I want you to do this week is learn what your body does to signal that you are hungry! I don’t want you to hit the kitchen because it’s close and oh look, that would taste great right now… No! You are going to learn to listen to your body (that has been designed to signal you for food) and learn what it feels like to actually need food! You may be surprised to discover how long you go between necessary feedings. The first time I learned about waiting on my body, I went over 24 hours. I had enough calories in my body to sustain me that long before needing more food to continue.

For those who work in an office structure where this may be a very tricky and possibly tragic timing issue, I would suggest if you are needing to learn what your body does to signal that it needs more food, wait for the weekend or a day off. When your body signals that you need food, it can be relentless. If you are not able to satisfy the hunger pain, your body may treat you poorly. Low blood sugar can cause intense irritability in me, and I don’t believe I am alone in this 😉 So be wise about your timing, but do take the time to find out how your particular body works! 

This is part of a blogging series: Scaling Back

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2 thoughts on “Are You Hungry?

  1. Beware of false signals! I once heard Dr. Oz tell Oprah that the pleasure centers of our brains require a certain amount of stimulation, and if the requirement is not being met by the appropriate pleasure (the three he listed were food, sleep, and sex), the brain will try to compensate with one of the other two. Often, food happens to be the most readily available choice. Now, I take everything that is said on daytime TV with a grain of salt, but this one resonated with me. When I am tired, I will literally try to stay awake by eating. Originally, I thought lack of sleep left me without the energy to fight appetite attacks. But then I realized that when I’ve gotten enough sleep, I don’t have to fight anything. I simply don’t crave it.

    1. You bring up a good point…a week or two early 😉 Dealing with possible false signals or appetite suppression (the natural way) is coming up in the series. I just wanted some folks to learn to listen to their bodies. It certainly doesn’t apply to everyone 😉

      It would make sense that my best friend would be in my head, in the series, and know where I am going with it, haha!

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