Your Body Is A Temple

The very first post in my Scaling Back series addressed the motivation behind any weight loss journey. My friend Claire wrote an exceptional piece about her motivation, and I wanted to inspire all of you. I mentioned last week how I believe God is directing me towards a more active lifestyle, but within my home … More Your Body Is A Temple

Move Your Body

If you are just joining me at Scaling Back, I highly recommend you go to the beginning. A long-term weight loss goal should be your first consideration. After carefully considering a goal, we have talked about water, detox, hunger signals, and finally, FINALLY, we are going to get our bodies moving. The reason I didn’t start … More Move Your Body

Portion Control

If you are just joining the Scaling Back series, please begin at the beginning. Losing weight in a step-by-step process takes time. It’s not instant, no magic pills involved, this is changing patterns and habits. This is all about making better choices and it takes time to transition a bad habit to a good one. … More Portion Control

Log the Calories

Did you guys know that one of the huge differences between folks who have money in savings and those who don’t is a pretty small detail? The folks with money in savings log exactly where their money goes. That’s right, they are careful and meticulous in tracking where their money is going. This discipline helps keep folks … More Log the Calories

False Alarm

If you are just joining us in our journey, please consider going back to the beginning with Welcome to Scaling Back. We began with a prayerfully considering a goal to keep before us in this journey. Then we discussed drinking water, detox, and learning how our bodies signal hunger. But as was commented last week, … More False Alarm

Are You Hungry?

If you are just joining Scaling Back, please head straight to the first step: Choosing a Goal. I believe that to make lifestyle and habitual changes, you must start at the beginning. Much of weight loss is habit changing and it just takes time to form new habits. So start at the beginning and work … More Are You Hungry?


Getting a late start to scaling back today! We had a marvelous weekend up in the DC area with our home church and friends. It was refreshing and rejuvenating! It also gave me some great ideas on maintaining your healthy eating habits while traveling. But that is for a future post. We are taking this … More Detox