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Attempted Phone Calls

This is the youngest now, age 8

It’s fun to look back over past posts and remember “from whence I came”! This post was originally written in 2013 if my youngest was 3yrs old. I wanted to share it again because phone conversations have not changed! I do cringe a little reading my old posts, I guess I’m going to blame the lack of proper grammar on having those 5 kids 😉 Enjoy!



i rarely talk on the phone anymore. with 5 kids, one being a 3yr old, talking on the phone just does not happen. i usually text my friends to chit chat back and forth. but this week, our van went back into the shop, AGAIN, and Thursday morning saw my oldest kids heading off to VBS with our assc pastor’s wife, leaving me here with the 3yr old and infant. my kitchen was spotless, dishes dealt with and two rounds of laundry done. i felt pretty proud of myself, so i picked up my phone and called 2 friends who live far away in Texas. it was great actually hearing voices on the other end!!

but then i got a bit over confident. while chatting on the 2nd phone call i hopped onto eBay to check on my auctions and hunt for shoes for children. SIDE NOTE: why can’t the kids coordinate shoe growth? i mean is it really necessary for everyone to grow out of shoes at the same time??

it while i was changing a diaper that i realized the house was very, VERY quiet. i mentioned it on the phone and we both chuckled that silence with toddlers was never good. while hunting for the toddler i found 3 wrappers for Reese’s peanut butter cups in the trash that were not there earlier. i thought he had just helped himself to snack. i still was not getting my eyes on toddler. i found him under the dining room table with the whole package of chocolate goodies with only one left. he was covered in chocolate goo, my dining table legs had goo on them as well. thankfully there was no goo on the carpet in the dining room. and why on earth someone would carpet a dining room is just so beyond me!!

this is what happens when i attempt a phone conversation!! so my friends are back to getting text messages and Internet must happen when toddler is sleeping. but hey, it’s friday, i should be getting my junky van back. we will be keeping our eyes open on a replacement vehicle in the area and we are going to wait for God to point out the one He thinks we should get. that will be fun, i love test driving and car shopping. it’s almost as much fun as hunting shoes!!

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