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Blogging Anniversary

The Kiddos 2010

According to WP, this year marks my 8th Blogging Anniversary, but in truth, 2018 was a full 9 years of blogging history for me.

I had to take a moment out of my very busy current schedule to think back over the past 9 years. It’s impossible not to think of the changes that have taken place in such a relatively ‘short’ amount of time.

When I started my writing journey (Kay’s Korner on Blogger), I only had 4 kiddos, had only moved a couple times with the military, and looking back, really didn’t have a whole lot to ‘say’ 😉

But these past 9 years have seen us move around the world, welcome our fifth child, celebrate 22 years of an amazing marriage, and given us some amazing perspectives.

      1. People are people. From Alaska to Germany, I have observed that people are people no matter where you are. People are happy, sad, depressed, caring, kind, silly, ignorant everywhere. We are all on this rock together. I think this helps me realize that people are worth my time because I share this rock with them. Also, people aren’t scary, they are just people. This really helps me to put aside my fears as we relocate and get to know people.
      2. True friends stick with you. This is a huge blessing! The people who willingly open their lives to you, will remain your friend no matter where y’all call ‘home’.
      3. God’s ways are best. This was hard to come by and hard learned for me, even this past year, I had to relearn it yet again. But I have come to cherish Proverbs 16:9 “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” Pilgrim’s Progress has become even more precious to me as I have walked the path of a Christ follower. Bunyan has just a vision of what that journey beheld, even to the pitfalls and sloughs of despond.
      4. My ‘forever home’ needs to be built on the Rock of Jesus and not the rocks I dream of resting upon. I spent 10 years talking about having a forever home and I think that set up false expectations as well as limiting what I was willing to do for Jesus.

    Hubs and I, 2018

I do miss writing on a routine basis, but there are some fantastic things I get to do instead. I’m excited about the possibilities of my digital assistant prospects. I love supporting other writers in their endeavors. I love being involved in the lives of people that God crosses my path with. Someday I may return to writing, but for now my journey doesn’t include it much.

Thank you for keeping up with my Little Korner of the world!

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