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Do you have a relative or friend, someone you love, who is walking the dangerous path of self-destruction due to addiction? I do. Watching someone struggle with addictions, bounce in and out of jail, bounce in and out of rehab, and then the addiction kills them…it’s painful. It’s painful to live through because I also love the folks who tear their heart out praying and hoping that these loves ones will change their ways. We pray that they will see the light, God’s light, and come ‘homeboy’.

On the day I called, you answered me; my strength of soul you increased.

Psalm 138:3

We continue to pray for our loved ones. We continue to lift them up in prayer. We continue to trust God’s timing and will, even when it’s not our own. That’s hard to do. VERY hard to do!

But the Bible is clear when it reminds us that we are to pray for others, pray for their salvation, and trust the Almighty with the outcome. Job learned that the hard way. The Apostle Paul was never relieved of his ‘thorn’. Judas Iscariot never repented. God is no less ‘God’ when our loved ones rebel and never return to Him, or when an elderly relative passes with the name of Jesus on their lips.

I guess the question is not “what would Jesus do” but more “what will you do?” Will you hold your affections from Him when He doesn’t answer your prayers, your way, your time? Or do you fall in with the prophets and the psalmist who say “I will still praise your name! Even in the midst of calamity, I shall praise your name” (Psalm 22:22-24; Psalm 138:7-8))

The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

Job 1:21b

I have listened to country music for a long time and really have a lot of respect for Eric Church. His music tells stories and he doesn’t shy away from the painful ones. His song “Homeboy” isn’t about anything personal in his past. He allows the music to speak to those of us who hear it.

3 thoughts on “Homeboy”

  1. HI Kay. Your new digs are beautiful!! I know you’re in transition, so maybe that’s why, but I thought I’d let you know that the Germany photo doesn’t go anywhere when I click on it. The other two posts worked, though, and I enjoyed poking around, even got carried away for a half hour or so! (I wish that exclamation point had a point on it…)

    Anyway, we have a friend who is self-destructing lately. It’s difficult to watch, and he (sadly) won’t change his direction. Hopefully, he’ll see the light soon.

    1. It’s so very hard to watch!

      Thank you for the FB. I do appreciate it!! I don’t have it linked to anywhere, but maybe I should go ahead and remove it from that page, since those are all “take me” pictures, you know?? So now I know what you are enjoying during your Spring Break 😉 I am honored 🙂

  2. Oh, i know that road all too well. My oldest is an addict and has so many problems. I thought his beautiful children had escaped the lifestyle, but I have a few concerns now. I do know God is in control!

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