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Doing What I Love

Have you ever heard the phrase "don't turn what you love into your job, it will kill the thing you love"? For years I loved having a blog not only for the writing outlet it was when the kids were little, but also for the 'set design' I was able to do behind the scenes.… Continue reading Doing What I Love

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God is an insomniac.

What a beautiful reminder to have pop up in my blog! I am reposting this for my Thankful Thursday reminder. I love any and every opportunity to remind myself of God's faithfulness in my life. It is especially refreshing to reread in our current circumstance! That may sounds like a strange blog post title, but… Continue reading God is an insomniac.

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A Pastoral Response to COVID-19

I wanted to share what my pastor wrote in response to COVID-19. Fear is a weapon of the enemy. Brothers and Sisters - By this time you are almost certainly aware of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, that is currently spreading worldwide. The response of some appears to border on panic: stores are selling out of everything… Continue reading A Pastoral Response to COVID-19