school has begun

yea, school officially began in our home this week. well, okay, so we did a dry run day at the end of summer because with an infant and 3yr old in the house, i wanted to get a feel for what was working and what would not work. and our 1st choice of school room in the new rental house DIDN’T work. it was too far away from everything the 3yr old could do and get into, and my house and dog about gave up that day. i guess i am not amazed at what JJ found to get into, i am amazed that i handled it all so well. even chocolate on the pedestal of my dining room table.

anyway, after the dry run we had guests come out. i will give them their own entry because it was that much fun, but that took us away from school for a week. then hubby and i moved the whole house around, carried furniture down 2 flights of steps to set up school in the basement across from the toy room area. we got a free table from folks at church, so it’s bigger and can handle all the goodies our school year with 3 kids needs. we set up our extra computer down there for grades and such. then we did another day to check that out.

we are getting settled in to our routine, and if you notice the time stamp on this post, i am up early now to get the days going on time. having a great baby who sleeps so well was playing havoc on our school day. we just can’t get things done with a patient mommy if we start at 10am. especially when little people in this house are up so much earlier and can get into so much if mommy is sleeping upstairs.

i love school!!!!

1 thought on “school has begun”

  1. wow, so yes, my hubby let me know that blogging first thing in the morning may not have been the best choise since i blogged about the same thing twice in one week. i guess i just love school that much!

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