scouting weekend!

ah, this weekend was a scouting camping trip.  boy, did we have fun!!!  back in the early years of living in chicago, before children, my hubby bought a huge tent on sale.  i teased him about this tent for years.  this weekend silenced me forever!  it was easy to put up, has a nice moisture cover, and it easily sleeps our large crew. 

the boys enjoyed a nature hike, a nature center, and a very nice camping site.  there was a common fire circle with attached grate to flip over for cooking.  our supper was dinner in foil wraps (called different things in different parts of the country) and later the boys did s’mores.  there were even girls for bekah to play with.  of course, the girls dressed up an american girl doll while the boys played spy war games, and they even included our 3yr old.  it was so much fun to watch!!! 

my 5yr old was done and in his sleeping bag pretty early.  my 9yr old was content to just sit and watch the fire (just his mother).  i chose to come back to the house (not 10 minutes away) with the baby and the youngest boy.  if we had known the weather was going to be so great, we would have let everyone but mommy and baby spend the night.  i am thinking sleeping bags are on the agenda next.  but we are a nature loving family and this camping site was fantastic!!!  of course, i didn’t get any pictures.  yes, i know dad, you can whip me with a noodle later 😉

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