Some of you may be unaware that after noah, we chose to shut the baby factory down officially.  there will no longer be any more baby duncans born from this body.  however, ever the jester, my baby sis laughed and said “you better both get clipped, cause knowing you guys, you could still get pregnant”   hahaha, right?  but she has a great point.  of the 5 children we have been blessed with (and yes, i do mean blessed, even on days like today), we only actually planned and attempted to have our 4th.

it is still a whole bunch of fun to play around with our kids.  sure there is lots of laundry, never enough toilet paper or clean dishes, and sure i run the dishwasher 2 times a day sometimes… but i love watching my kids learn, i love hearing them play together and they do that often.  i will have soldiers running around my house fighting bad guys, or i will have spies systems in rooms that i walk into.  on of my favorites are the forts i will see propped up around the house because it reminds me of the forts we made with my sisters.  in fact, my mother was so totally cool that one Christmas she let us make a HUGE fort throughout our entire playroom.  we had multiple rooms and offices and tunnels…. and she let us keep it up for oh so long!!!

big families may scare some folks, but there are so many benefits with big families and the fun (both good and bad) just never does end 😉

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