today has been a day of testing…. “Kay, what on earth do you mean by that??”  let me back fill a bit

our pastor preached a sermon on Sunday about the difference between being tempted and tested.  what God does for us is tests us on what we have learned through the Holy Spirit.  today, Wednesday, has been a day of testing for me… am i learning to be more patient with my children and am i remembering to call on Him to give me strength when i run out of my own patience (anyone who has known me for more than a week knows i lack patience BIG TIME).

today i had a friend coming over this afternoon to share some of the plethora of baby boy clothing that i have left over.  i have a Rubbermaid bin for my family members (just in case) and i have a large diaper box full of leftover stuff as well.  so i had planned to get schooling done by lunch to tidy up a bit before she came…. then the testing started.

  • my almost 6mos infant is quite fussy and desires more attention than he gets (and this kid gets doted on by all the people in this house, that is 6 other people!)
  • my little budding lawyers wanted to debate the start time of school today, using the lack of their choice cereal or chores that they felt were more important than lessons
  • my 3yr old clogged another toilet
  • one of my older kids wanted to help unclog by using the only toilet brush we have in the house
  • my plunger failed me, so i need to get to a store to purchase a usable plunger and a replacement toilet brush
  • within 30min of lessons starting, i realized that each child had a test in other subjects aside from the group history test due today
  • a huge argument erupted over snack leading me to have to get another child to nap before lunch (very rare)
  • at the end of snack my daughter dropped the glass jam jar on the kitchen floor, our kitchen tile is very unforgiving
and we are are not even to lunch yet 🙂  i had to cancel my play date, call hubby for the wally run for supplies, and take a moment of quiet time to pray.  but i am so thankful that i remembered to pray instead of losing it.  i still have not lost it yet and i can only place that fact on the shoulders of the Holy Spirit, because my flesh is very weak.  only in Christ do i have the strength to endure days like this!!!

2 thoughts on “testing….”

  1. I used to pray for patience, and then I got wise; pray for patience and you get trials. Now, I just pray to be the best that I can be every day. 🙂 Sounds like a rough one!

  2. I feel such a moment of peace when I am calm rather than losing it. I think it’s because I feel like He is with me and I feel it stronger when I don’t lose it and keep calm. Yesterday was a bad day for our clan too, but I stayed calm and handled things and rather than get upset… I just felt His presence and went with what he guided me to do. The outcome… Not so bad and the recovery period was pretty short… No banging around or temper tantrums. 🙂 I just need to remember that EVERY time something gets hiccup! 🙂

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