friday fragments

welcome to another edition of Friday Fragments!  i enjoy joining these folks with friday fragments!!  i have met some amazing folks all over this great country through Mrs. 4444.  also, on a side note, the home i grew up in was addressed 4444…. so seeing it always brings back that warm sensation of good memories of my childhood.  so thank you so much for that as well Mrs. 4444!!!

  • i got a chuckle our of the ‘power’ my 3yr old had over our dog this week…. with a piece of bread 😉  (first, please keep in mind the dog is 120lbs the child is almost 30lbs)  so JJ had toast in his hand, and our dog was following him all over the kitchen/eating area hoping for a dropping or that JJ would not notice the sly snatch-and-grab plan.  well the child did notice, and proceeded to make the dog sit here, sit there, sit wherever JJ happen to be walking!  hahahahaha, then i heard him tell Heinrich “hey, you need to obey me!”  it was hilarious!  but guess what…. the dog SAT every time!!!

  • we have had some rough attitudes in school this week.  and i think i can sympathize so much better with public school teachers now!!  if they have a child that maybe throws his pencil when a mistake in math is pointed out, they really have no recourse but to send the child out of the room.  or what if they have a chatty kid who would rather talk about anything (even parenting philosophy) to avoid actually DOING his school work.  i truly feel for them!!  they don’t have the option that i have in discipline and there are plenty of times when they can’t even get the parent of said child to assist them in ‘encouraging’ the child to focus on their lessons.  kudos to you all!!!  i admire your heart and desire to teach children!

  • i am begging my hubby to blog about it, but he walked through the job fair at his workplace this week and just has some very non PC fun with the poor folks sitting at the booths.  most people enjoyed his banter because it helped to pass the time for them as well.  his repetitive line of greeting was “what job do you have for me that would make me an insane amount of money with the least amount of work possible?”  i wish i could have seen the faces of the folks!!!  hubby can dead pan his dry humor like a pro!

  • there are such HUGE differences between my boys and my one girl.  today (thursday) my daughter begged and begged to start her typing instead of in Jan when it was scheduled in.  (this child will beat us all to the school room to begin her lessons and focus to finish them hours before my oldest!!)  i have a great video of my son and his typing lesson

  • my baby and i had no coordination the other day.  i usually get him up from his crib and kiss his cheek rapidly, then he plants a wet something on my cheek and we go about our day.  but this particular day i picked noah up and began kissing his cheek… i must have taken too long munching because he swung his open mouth around (with his tongue hanging out) all across my mouth 😦  when i wiped that off i leaned in for another quick kiss and he tried to meet me…. my pointy nose bumped right into his eye.  i guess we just had an off day???

7 thoughts on “friday fragments”

  1. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my FF post today. I LOVED all your fragments, especially the baby kissing one.I just wish my daughter enjoyed school as much as yours.Have a wonderful weekend. See you next week. =)

  2. My husband just ran a job fair for his company, and I’m sure he would have thought that was funny. Just because he would have known he wasn’t being serious. Although, I must admit, there are many with that attitude that walk in the door expecting a job. Gotta love entitlement!

  3. oh, hubby was joking at the job fair 😉 but yes, entitlement is a sickening thing.my other favorite funny from the job fair story was when the job was for IT…. hubby straight faced “well, i hate computers.” he said the blank stares were hilarious!!

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