last day of leave..

The last day of leave is always a hard one for us.  A little because I have become lazy having another set of hands around all day long.  A little because it means getting back into the school routine.  A LOT because it means my hubby has to shave his beard back off. 

For all our civilian marriage my hubby sported a beard.  In fact, during our undergrad years folks thought for sure there were decades of age difference between us.  We both enjoy his beard and it is always a very drastic and strange transformation when he shaves off his facial hair and gets his military hair cut.  When he walked up to me in the commissary Sunday, I just started laughing.

4 thoughts on “last day of leave..”

  1. Glad I could be a source of amusement for you, honey. What some people may not know is that was only a TWO WEEK beard! If/when I get out of the army, I’m going to have a big one!

  2. It is quite a difference! I kind of like the military requirement of a clean shaven face. Not looking forward to that part of civilian life, I prefer a nice smooth look 😉

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