Friday Fragments!!

I have this set to post one minute after midnight the very last day of 2010.  It is the last friday fragment with Mrs. 4444 of this year.  Wow, I cannot believe it!!! 

Well, I did it again, I forgot to write things down as they happened.  Bummer!!  Hopefully the folks over at Friday Fragments had better luck than me this week!!

Mommy's Idea
For Christmas this year we found a Buzz Lightyear footie PJ set for the 3yr old, we also got for him a small Buzz toy.  I am getting a huge kick out of him running around the house in his get-up while calling himself “Buzz Light-beer”

I always try to find the silver lining of every cloud.  I also feel that my hubby’s pessimism needs some balanced optimism.  We are preparing for a 3 week separation, hubby has TDY (temp duty).  Thankfully this one is stateside.  It is small beans in the grand scheme of things but I love how hubby helps to prepare for these things so that my life is just easier for when he is gone.  Today (Thurs.) he helped to break down the Christmas decor and hauled the tree out to the curb so that I would not have to worry about that.  He also hauled furniture around for me

Having a active baby in the house can be challenging.  Every time we pick Noah up off the floor we do a finger swipe of his mouth to remove whatever ‘treasure’ he has stashed.  The other day I was cheering the dog along to eat his acquired treasure faster before the baby got to it.  Such crazy times!!

The channel guide did me wrong this week!!  I was almost hopping mad.  The guide was off a complete hour, causing the DVR to record one episode of Law and Order instead of the season finale of Burn Notice.  I was trying to fume quietly because the children were all over the house… hubby was begging me not to let it ruin my whole day.  Yea, that can be pretty hard to do!!!
Hubby and I went out to celebrate our anniversary this week.  We hit a place in Historic Annapolis with a great view of the Bay outlet with a view of the Naval Academy across.  The dish I ordered was amazing and I actually have the recipe for the base sauce!!!  My hubby made me chuckle however with his response to my quiet inspection of my food.  “Honey, don’t try to re-make it.  Every time you do, you end up making it better and then we’ll NEVER want to eat out, ever again.”

3 thoughts on “Friday Fragments!!”

  1. I read that you were preparing for a three week separation and I thought you were thinking of divorcing! Then at the end you talk about your anniversary. I think I must have misunderstood, thankfully :)Kristin _ The Goat

  2. Sounds like you married the right guy. Please thank him for his service–I appreciate his (and your) sacrifices.Watch your show on the Internet–I’m sure it’s there somewhere.Happy Anniversary!!

  3. I remember separations very well, as my husband served in the military for 20 years then retired. Go Air Force!! Its hard to be without hubby…trust me I know. 🙂

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