Memory Lane

PhotobucketI have a great memory to share today… ok, I have lots of great memories, and of course some not-so-great memories as well.  Please feel free to copy and paste the button below to join me down Memory Lane.  Be sure to link in as well.

On one of our summer family vacations, we had stopped at a hotel for rest and relaxation.  Having children of my own I now realize this was as much for the parents as for the kids.  I am sure by this time they were ready to get us three girls out of the back seat of that station just about as badly as we wanted out!!

Behind our hotel was a typical Midwest scene, a fence with pretty black cows grazing on the other side.  One of us (probably me, as the oldest I took my role as ring-leader and dictator seriously) thought it would be a lot of fun to scare the cows.  Now how would kids go about doing this…. well we grabbed a black blanket from the back of our station wagon, draped it over ourselves with the younger 2 acting as the ‘cows back side’.  We slowly moseyed on over to the fence mooing and waving our ‘head’ around near the ground.  This of course got the animals attention (they were probably just as curious about the dumb humans as we were about the dumb cows).  We stood next to the fence mooing and munching the grass (sort of).  Then, when most of the herd was standing close….. we jumped up, dropped the blanket and screamed our bloody heads off!!  I sweat to you we saw one cow jump clean over the other cow!!!  No joke.  We laughed and laughed over that one for years.


Memory Lane

2 thoughts on “Memory Lane”

  1. I remember that Holiday Inn in Deadwood, SD. We were there for a few days to see Mt Rushmore, Custer State park, Mining Museum in Lead, and riding Horses in the hills. Bovine abuse was not on the original itinerary.

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