Big Family Humor

I don’t come from a large family, just 3 of us sisters, but we grew up with cousins. But I find the large humor of Brian Regan to be just hilarious…and clean! He is a comedian that I can listen to while my children are in the room, and that I appreciate! He is a … More Big Family Humor

Trials for your good.

Sorry about the lateness of this Memory Lane posting, it has been a challenging morning. The challenges of the morning make me remember the first challenges I faced concerning motherhood. My first child was a unique kind of challenge.  He was not a sleeping, nor content baby.   The first night home from the hospital was … More Trials for your good.

Memory Lane

I have a great memory to share today… ok, I have lots of great memories, and of course some not-so-great memories as well.  Please feel free to copy and paste the button below to join me down Memory Lane.  Be sure to link in as well. On one of our summer family vacations, we had … More Memory Lane