Woohoo, I made it!!!

Let me tell you folks, it was much easier than I had anticipated.  Hubby left for a 3 week TDY.  It is army wife law that while hubby is away, all ‘you know what’ breaks loose!!!  So I sort of brace myself for the inevitable ER run, stock the house with food and first aid stuff, plan the evenings for a break of some sort… you know, all the pre-battle strategy.  But this week has been a breeze! 

My two older children have been super helpful with the baby.  In fact my oldest got the baby out of his crib and was playing with him in the TV room when I got up on Thursday.  “I was hoping you could get some extra sleep mom” he says.  What a doll, right???

Yep, we have done chores, kept the house cleaned, done the laundry and bedding.  One of the coolest parts for me…. my bed has stayed made all week!!  (you know i love you honey, but the bed has been perfectly made every day!!)  Hubby is the ‘feet dangling out the end’ sort of guy.  So in the mornings making the bed is just straightening the mess a bit.  I mean why bother with good military corners (my dad hammered those in during my childhood, dang Navy inspections ingrained in him so…).  So this week, I cleaned the sheets, got a nice tight tuck at bottom… and they are still pristine today.

But in all honesty, I still would rather have him coming home in the evenings to play with the kids, change diapers, CLEAN UP AFTER SUPPER (that really rocks,  honey!!), leading devotions and hanging out with me after the kids are in bed.  I do miss him, but this first week was not at all bad.  Now I am preparing for any problems in the next 2 weeks… we aren’t in the clear yet!!

2 thoughts on “Woohoo, I made it!!!”

  1. Yay for surviving without you hubby! I always think that having him away now and then keeps me from taking him, and all that he does and is, for granted.

  2. I am going through this right now… I keep waiting for something to pop up though like the “Fast Freddies” on the rifle range. Always looking forward and backwards. I am praying that next week is a good one too for you and me! 🙂 Have a great weekend and great week ahead!!! 🙂

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