Friday Fragments!

Mommy's IdeaWe got here, it’s FRIDAY PEOPLE!!!  Woohoo!!  Let’s de-clutter those brains, let’s dump it all out and start fresh for the weekend!!  Click on the button to read more Fraggers along with our fearless hostess, Mrs. 4444.  I am also doing a weekly wrap up with a new blog I found this week.

Well, my household is oh so s-l-o-w-l-y getting over this nasty cold bug.  I tell you guys what, we have gone through some Puffs here these last couple weeks!!!  I am sick and tired of holding little boys down to help them blow their noses…. tired of hearing everyone gagging up junk in the mornings…. I am personally tired of feeling less than 100%.  I have a huge household to keep up with, Mama ain’t got time to be feeling poorly.

I made a tactical error this week, I just didn’t give myself enough time to recover before beginning my workouts again.  But, if you guys want an easy beginner workout after this winter of bad weather or whatever excuse you may want 😉    ( I personally have a whole bag full of good excuses for my lazy winter habits)  You may want to check out these 10 minute things.  I found them on my Netflix for free.  The kids do them with me for our Gym classes on nasty weather days.  I love kickboxing with my kiddos, it is so much FUN!!!  But y’all wait till you can breath, I ended up on the floor, wheezing for breath and trying to hack up a lung, for real.  My kids almost called 911 for me…. it was not pretty.  Someone loan me some patience please!!!  I am not good at being sick!!

I found a new yummy this week!!  My dear friend ‘Gran’ gave me a package of ground beans from Gevalia.  They are chocolate cake flavored.  So I put them in my espresso machine, and that added depth made my daily Caramel Macchiato just super yummy!!  Thanks Gran!!!

My baby learned a new little tactic this week.  If he really does NOT want Mama to put him down, he just grabs a handful of hair while she is bending over.  Yep, it works real well, that fist full of locks.  He is also on the verge of walking and busting out a couple new teeth.  Which I think will help him out tremendously.  See, he has those 2 on the bottom that he has TWICE fallen and jammed into his upper gums.  They bled like crazy!!!  So he needs something to counter his teeth against besides soft tissue.  At least, I hope that works for him.

I found this video on another blogger’s space, How I Met Your Father…. I just love this little gal’s enthusiasm!!

Just in case you have not had time to stop by my blog this week, my father had bypass surgery this week.  He has been a model and healthy man while recovering.  His nurses were all very impressed with him and my mother was impressed that he  LISTENED AND OBEYED!  I do get my hard head and my stubbornness fairly and rightly, folks, really I do!  God was very gracious to us throughout the whole thing.  The triple bypass became a double, with the 3rd blockage miraculously disappearing. 

11 thoughts on “Friday Fragments!”

  1. Okay, well I am obviously VERY behind here, but nonetheless, BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAY! I hope your special day was wonderful despite all the colds/virus yuckiness that was pervasive in your house. You are truly a gem and a wonderful blessing from God, both to me and Michael but also to our church! I’m glad you enjoyed the coffee … there’s more anytime!

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