Thankful for Patty

Thankful Thursday

remembering patty

This month I am taking the challenge to blog about a specific topic for 31 days. Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I chose to blog about how that disease has touched my life.

In 2005, my mother-in-law, Patty, died of Breast Cancer at the very young age of 48. I was blessed to have her as my MIL for eight years, and during that time I came to appreciate her very much!

I am thankful for Patty because:

She loved food!

This may seem like an odd thing, but I appreciate her love of food and eating good food. When we got together as a family, food was there and that was always enjoyable! She also shared her kitchen with me. I could walk in and take over meal prep, and she didn’t care! She was willing to share that space with me and let me do whatever I wanted. It was wonderful!

She was a loving mother

She was not a perfect mother, none of us are. But Patty loved her boys and based decisions on loving them. Even into their adulthood, she loved them and showed her love openly and unreservedly. Struggle between her boys brought her sorrow and watching them have fun together just lit her face up. Her boys were special to her!

She was an awesome grandmother

Patty loved her grandkids and focused on them when they were around. She would hoist the little babies up on her ample belly and sing to them or tell them stories. My oldest still remembers the silly song she made up while they were at the park swinging on the swings. She always offered to keep the kids and she kept them for long stretches when we were relocating to help us out.

patty and danny

She didn’t celebrate Halloween

This may sound crazy to you, but we don’t celebrate Halloween. The history behind it and the darkness that is has become is not something we choose to promote in our home. Patty stopped celebrating it long before we came to that decision. In her in-home-daycare, she would do fall crafts and such, but never bring up Halloween. She didn’t harass us about not dressing the kids up for it and downplayed the need for candy in massive quantities. As we worked through the issue ourselves, she encouraged but didn’t bully us. She had chosen it for herself and would support wherever we fell on the issue. That is always a blessing in a parental figure!

She loved my daughter

I will be brutally honest with you guys: I have had a very hard time loving my daughter. She and I are cut from very different cloth…except for the strong willed part. She is very girly, I am not. She loves pink, I do not. She can scream for hours without taking a break, I cannot do it nor can I handle it well 😦 Patty was very excited about my daughter coming, I was nervous. Patty stocked a dresser full of pink, frilly clothes and the ribbons to match, I hate shopping. When my daughter proved to be a strong-willed, fit-throwing tyrant, Patty had the patience to handle it and laugh the antics off. Patty didn’t put up with any guff, nor did she spoil the girl. She just handled the whole situation better than I ever have.  I very much miss her input and patience now. There are still days I want to pull my hair out thinking “Patty would know what to do!” Patty would also remind me that Bekah was given by God as a gift and to be thankful for her no matter what because some people (like Patty) never get a girl. She would be right, of course 😉

This is part of a blogging series “Remembering Patty“.




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