Friday Fragments

Is it here yet… can it be????  YES, IT’S FRIDAY!!  It has been a much quieter week, well, okay, that is quite relative with 5 children under 10yrs old at home.  But for us, it has been a quiet week 😉  Please join me in unloading your mind and wrapping up your week with all my friends at Friday Fragments and Weekly Wrap-Up!

Mommy's Idea

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This week of schooling was not one of our best.  We had some attitude, with a little bit of fussy baby, and obstinate toddler thrown in for good measure.  One thing we really did enjoy this week was getting hooked up with the Eagle Cam in my home state of Iowa.  A pair of eagles are sitting on a clutch of 3 eggs.  They are due to hatch the 1st of April.  So we eagerly watch the monitor and have really enjoyed watching the eagles interact.  After watching this, I completely understand the ‘nesting’ concept now.  The one eagle just keeps fussing with the nest while it sits the eggs.  The other very interesting thing I have observed is that the eagle sitting the eggs will call out to the mate to change up, almost saying “hey, it’s your turn to watch these kids!!”   Now where have I heard that before???  Oh yea, my own mouth!! 😉  
Anyway, if you are into nature and into these beautiful creatures, take a looksie over at the nest via the EAGLE CAM.  Beware, you might get hooked too.  No seriously, my mother and I called each other 3x yesterday over the eagle antics.  My hubby made me get off last night.  “I mean, you see one nest, you’ve seen them all right?  It’s worse than NASCAR, honey.”

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This week we were studying the Boer War in South Africa.  We were learning about the special troops that fought in that war from Great Britain, the Grenadiers.  Now these guys became experts at throwing grenades.  Now I will tell you all that throwing grenades may SEEM easy, but “it just aint folks”.  I was in basic training and I threw live grenades.  First, holding something in your hand that you know kills people is very sobering.  Second, throwing them with accuracy is nearly impossible without lots of practice.  I ran the obstacle course on the grenade range and failed to hit any of the targets required.  One was to crouch in your position, pop up to gauge the target (a circle on the ground 5yds away) then pop up again to lob the grenade into the circle.  Failed.  The second target was to run up the hill, toss a grenade into a ‘bunker’ and roll off.  Failed, again.  Anyway, I believe there were 5 targets and I didn’t get one right.  But on the live grenade range you can bet I got the sequence PERFECT!!

1. Secure grip; 
2. Thumb the clip; 
3. Twist/pull pin; 
4. GRENADE!!!  

Then duck and make dad-gum sure you don’t have the thing in your hand while you tuck into a near fetal position.    So my hats off to the British Grenadiers!!   They had a super catchy song to sing also!!!

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Heard around the house this week:
“I’m hungry!”

“Mom… mom, where are you?”
“Danny, I’m right here.”
“Oh, I couldn’t see you behind the box.”
“I am NOT that short, kiddo.”
(move the box for example)
“Ok, maybe I am that short.”

“Mom, I’m hungry.”

“See, mom, i ooz da wose!”
(see mom, i use the force)

“mom, da baby woke and da baby toon ganna be in da dwoe…
den dey wiwl make moe baby wokes and baby toons!”
(because i guess whatever you leave alone in a drawer makes babies?)
(baby forks and baby spoons, jj style)

“Mom, I really am hungry.”
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More fun from my cousin, this just had me rolling!!!

“Just got out of a mtg that lasted 1.5hrs, no one really knew why it was called and what was decided was that we would abbreviate street St and that we would look into charging a moron fee (sure we will call it something else), I left at that point”

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Happy April Fool’s Day folks, I hope your kids are not as excited as mine are about today.  They had been scheming and planning their pranks all week.  We had to have a little lecture on what April Fools really meant after my son booby trapped the hallway.  I stepped on what looked like a blanket in the hallway and quickly found a pile of those shiny covered books.  I slid around a bit and then promptly let them know that bodily injury could never be the result of a Fool’s day joke, nor could damaging the house, nor damaging emotional stability.  So I am curious to see what they come up with really.

Have yourselves a great weekend!!

4 thoughts on “Friday Fragments”

  1. What a fun week! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :-)As for the tot school thing, I do the curriculum on my own (I get lots of ideas from other bloggers). I actually did Tot School last year for my then 2 yr old daughter and 3 other 2 year olds…. so I have lots of fun projects on my blog…otherwise I am teaching 7 2 yr olds this fall for Tot School and my “syllabus” will be up on my blog by the beginning of May- if you want to check it out. Have a nice weekend!

  2. We’ve been watching the eagle cam, too, and it is totally addicting! I don’t even want to get up to make a fresh cup of tea in case THAT is the moment something exciting happens!

  3. My DD, thankfully, didnt try any April fools pranks, but she is 5. So, every other thing she said was an ‘Aprl Fool’s Joke.’ It was a long day! I’ll have to check out the eagles-thanks for the link!

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