FF: With or Without You

 Welcome to this week’s round of Fragments. Miss Claudya has gathered us all together for another Fragging party. Click on the button and cruise around the other fraggers. They are a fun and sweet bunch!! This week, as the sun was shining and the sky was blue, I was transported again to summers in my childhood. One of my favorite driving tunes is U2’s “With or without you” Crank it up and catch some sun!!!


Unknown Mami 


I didn’t have the chance to link this in last week, so even thought it did post, I am re-posting so I can actually join the party.

The kids had a great flight and loved every minute of the trip (even the turbulence on the plane, which I hated). God was very gracious to give my 3yr old a playmate on the return flight. They played super heros the whole long flight from MN to AK. It was wonderful!!!



We are currently working on memorizing bible verses for our evening devotions. It is so humbling trying to keep up with my children in this task. Those little minds are just sponges, I am telling you. Don’t short change young folks, they have the ability to store so much more data than an adult. You will have to forgive his ‘dress code’, he is 3 and I would love to see someone attempt to keep clothes on the child!


If you have been wondering how to pin the new Pinterest embed codes into WP, here is a great video to walk you through it. Basically, you paste the ’embed pin’ code wherever you want the pin to show up in your post or on your page. Then, someplace at the bottom of that page or post, you will paste the javascript code to make the image show up. It’s that easy, but I tell you, I have been cursing that feature of Pinterest since moving over here to WP!!!



I had a few interesting articles catch my eye this week:

A town in Colorado has decided to do something about the unmanned drones flying over US air space. They set up a petition to allow resident to shoot them down if they are flown over their private property. I am pretty curious to see how that may go. I believe that here in Alaska, folks wouldn’t ask permission of the town, they would simply shoot the thing out of the sky 😉

Android might be moving to the lead over Apple in smart phone technology. Having just moved to an iPhone myself, I found that to be interesting. Is it the apps or the technology ability?

Here was a refreshing article written by another mother of 5. I really appreciated her articulation of the burn out that can happen no matter how many kids you have. I felt the exact same way when I had one, and ONLY ONE child.


I recently found an article in Stars and Stripes very interesting. Fox News carried the piece, but I didn’t have time to see if any other main stream media outlets even cared to report it. An Atheist is attempting to join the Navy as a Chaplain. Several of the Reps in the House don’t quite buy the need for a Humanist Chaplain, but Heap (the atheist chaplain) believes that Atheists should be represented in the Chaplaincy.

I guess the reason I found this so interesting has a lot to do with my husband’s role since he is currently serving as an Army Chaplain. Did you know that a person doesn’t have to believe in God or be a Christian to be a chaplain? Nope. We have a Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim Imam as chaplains in the Army already. There are so many flavors of ‘Christian’ that we know several chaplains who are quite universal, meaning that neither Jesus, nor God, are a requirement to get to heaven (or the happy hunting ground).

I guess what I found interesting (I have not processed this whole thing, so I don’t have a good thesis or argument laid out yet) is that Heap is claiming to be attempting to serve his country and NOT trying to grind some ax for atheists. Meanwhile, there are Representatives who are claiming that Chaplains should at least adhere to some form of religious coding. Both make me go ‘hmmm’. On one hand, there really should be no problem for Heap to do this job because regulation states that if a person comes to Heap for religious support, they can request a specific flavor of chaplain and Heap would have to refer that person to their desired religious officer. On the other hand I find it pretty curious that a government entity like the House is concerned with religious coding. Kinda makes me go hmmm, eh?? What do y’all think about that?

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Tomorrow, I am hosting a Pinterest Party of sorts. I am always fascinated at the pins that get repinned like crazy, while some of the better ones just don’t (IMHO). This week, I had a humorous pin go hog wild, so the party matter is humorous pins. It can be one that has been repinned like crazy, or it can just be a pin that made you laugh. I was laughing so hard over one last night that I had tears rolling down my face 😉 Stop back by and toss yours into the mix!

I find animal humor to be pretty funny. I have seen this look on my dog’s face:

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”1301″ align=”center” size=”medium” height=”450″ link=”http://pinterest.com/pin/76279787411909681/”%5D

8 thoughts on “FF: With or Without You”

  1. I’m always amazed at what long memory verses my grandchildren are capable of learning, as well. I wish my memory would still work like that 🙂

  2. So glad that your travels were safe and brought even the three year old a friend.
    Children’s minds really are amazing things, aren’t they?
    Happy Friday!

  3. I love that pin! It’s so true. Sometimes my dogs can look so guilty but it’s so darn cute it’s hard to mad at them. Just like kids sometimes too! Hope you had a good time in Minnesota, my home state.

    1. I know, right?? My dog will come and bury his head in my lap when he’s dug through the trash…. love the coffee grounds smear he leaves 😉

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