Fire at a Dinner Party


Good Monday morning all!  Welcome to Memory Lane, where anyone who cares to can link in to share their memories.  Or if you would rather not, no sweat… just laugh along with mine 😉

We had one of ‘those’ moments this weekend that creates great memories and sparked old ones.  We had a family over from church to grill.  With our church conference this weekend, I hadn’t had time to hit the grocery so Sunday after church I rushed up to Meade for the food items we needed.  Being in a hurry I grabbed a box of pre-pattied burgers for our supper party.  I remember the patties we bought at Sam’s club being very good, so really, what could the difference be??  We found out!!!  The grease fire in our grill was amazing to behold (no dad, I was too busy staring at the fire make sure Ben didn’t light himself on fire to grab the camera).  Hubby singed some knuckle hair off and our dear friend Tom ( who was a short order cook, knowing how to handle grease fires) was nearby with a plate to catch the flying burgers when they were flipped and done.  So crazy and well worth the laughs and teasing I received.  Real burgers from now on, I promise!  It leads me to my actual memory from 2009.

We were new to the CAB at Fort Riley, getting to know some of the folks in our unit we were invited to a couples home on post.  They were in our unit and in our church.  We both had little boys and were enjoying their company.  We were all getting ready for a deployment, these folks were going to be the Rear-D command.  So in a sense we were also bolstering each other for what lay ahead with lots of great conversation and humor.  They had just purchased a new gas grill and having been a bit inexperienced with it my hubby volunteered to light the thing and mad the grill.  The women were in the kitchen finalizing the meal prep when my hubby came in saying the grill was lit, but he was not seeing the flames inside the grill.  Our host was on a phone call with work, so we discussed the grille’s odd behavior.  When Carl got off the phone the men headed back outside to play with the grill.  Ben said “we walked out the door and all we saw was the siding of the house on fire!!”  The flames had somehow shot out the back of the grill, caught the siding on fire and melted a very decent section!!!!

We all stared in amazement after the fire was put out.  How on earth was that possible??  We felt like slinking under a rock, how often can you salvage setting your hosts house on  fire, right??  They were so gracious to us and so understanding.  Making many jokes of “could I have done any better” sort of thing. 

But those are some of the best memories made, when a dinner party goes terribly wrong and everyone can still laugh and joke about it!!  Thank you so much, both families, for your easy laughter and acceptance of us…. we are well below perfection, but I hope worth the spectacle!!  😉

Memory Lane

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