5 Question Friday

Ok, not sure how this happened, but I copied the wrong questions!!  How insane is that???  Here is the real list for the 29th, so sorry for any folks who got the first posting and thought “is she firing on all cylinders???”  Answer to that is NO!!

1. If you could buy any car, money not an option, what would it be?

First choice a Boss Mustang, sky blue with all white interior!!!  Hearing those ponies roll down the road…. ah, it would totally drown out the stupid cop’s sirens behind me 😉


Second would be my ’69 Impala, Gazelle, all prettified and road ready.  With deep Cabernet paint, all white interior and her soft top turned convertible!!  With Def Leppard roaring from the speakers, I would be unstoppable!!

2. What was your worst first date ever?
Got set up with a slime ball who forced me to kiss him in the back of my friends car 😦  I still feel grumpy about the lack of assistance from said friend…
3. How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?

I was 18 and blessed to be marrying the very man I fell in love with. 

4. When was the last time you reconciled your checkbook?

Um….. hold on, I need to ask hubby…. I think it was 1999.

5. If you were going to fashion a “Wanted” Ad for a best friend, how would you word it?

Wanted: gal to pal around with, tad bit of insanity necessary, must love God and desire to follow His commands so that she can keep me doing it too, must love cars, must hate shopping, coffee lover total bonus!!!  Needs to be honest with motto “I am on your side, even when you are wrong.”  Please apply in person…. there will be an inquisition!

Questions, comments, or concerns?

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