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American Civil War

civil war

The American Civil War is the bloodiest war of our country’s history. It earned that ‘honor’ because American was fighting against American, sometimes brother against brother.

It is during my personal study of it and the visiting of Civil War battlefields that I came to realize that the Civil War was not fought over the issue of slavery alone. There were bigger principles at work: government oversight, state’s rights, congressional seats, and the actualization of earning statehood in the Union. After my personal study, I realized how much of what I thought I knew about the Civil War was a product of history revision, not facts.

[blockquote align=”right” cite=”George Santayana”]Those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them.[/blockquote] I would love to encourage anyone and everyone to reconsider the history and the events of the American Civil war. I believe a better understanding of our shared history will assist us in resolving many of the issues that can still divide our country.

If you have visited any of the Civil War battle sites or battlefields, please place your link in the location of the battle. I draw the North/South lines along the Mason Dixon lines. Use the map below to remind yourself where your visit belongs.




Dear America books are for intermediate readers.


  • Civil War series by Ken Burns. May need preview by parents/teachers, images of dead soldiers in every episode. Episodes are long, can be highlighted, great detail!!
  • Whispers of Angels: the story of the Underground Railraod. Not completely focused on evil north, and does remind viewers that the underground RR was a joint effort across racial lines.
  • Civil War in Hampton Roads: Battle of the Ironclads. This was an EXCELLENT video about the new iron war ships that both the North and South built during the Civil War. For Prime Amazon members, this episode was $1.99 and I thought it was worth it!





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