Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

It’s Friday again folks!!  Here we are, sharing our fragmented week with Mrs. 4444’s.  Join the fun and fragments!!!

I think the sole purpose of the toddler is to undo things. 

  • I put the pillows on the couch, he must remove them,
  • I put his toys in the basket, he dumps it out,
  • there is ice in the cup he finds, it must come out
  • water in the dogs bucket, it must be dumped
  • napkins in the basket, they must go
  • toilet paper on roll, must be unwound
Friday’s Flashback!
One of the funniest movies ever!!!

I had to share this with you guys, long time readers know I have an email convo with my 2 cousins running daily.  This one, I just had to share!!!  I wish I had snappy comebacks like Layni 😦

(Sam) So guy at work, just found out his new wifey is pregnant (it is his kid, just realized how that sounded), so as a husband and expectant father he is sleeping on the couch. See his wife was going through a hormone thing and he opened his mouth:

“are you really ganna be this *%&@#* the whole time?”

(Layni) That is just brilliant.  ‘I am hosting a parasite that is growing larger by the day; my hormones are completely out of whack; I am aware of the fact that my body is about to be destroyed and I am going to have to give birth to this thing at some point and I’m told that hurts like hell.  Yeah, I’ll try real hard not to be *%&@#* for you.’

I made a tactical error this week.  I have a large dog, as most of you know, and he insists on being my every present shadow.

 Heading down our wood steps to the basement I reached down to grab the bedding laying on the steps.  I was already irritated that the kids hadn’t taken their bedding all the way to the machines and so I was just not really thinking clearly. 

I reached down, gave them a good firm yank because I had stepped over the mass of blankets and sheet.  As soon as all 130lbs of dog hit the back of my legs, I realized my error.  We both stumbled down several steps trying to gain our footing.  I realized, painfully, that I needed to get his nails trimmed 😦  We did survive, but holy cow, my legs were hurting for a while!!!

this is my beast, laying over the best AC vent in the house!!!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Fragments”

  1. I can never come up with those snappy comebacks either. I’m glad you’re okay! That doesn’t sound like a fun tumble for either of you.

  2. We used to have an 80 lb German shepherd. On hot summer days, I would suddenly notice that the kitchen was insufferably hot. I would look over, and sure enough, it would be because Sheba had flopped down on the air vent.

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