Toddler in the house??

Top Ten {Tuesday}Here is my top ‘ten’ for today.  I found a bit more than 10 of these in my life, but they are short, so please bear with me 😉

You know you have a toddler in the house…

  • you  have the same conversation, repeated, for over 5 minutes.. with NO end in sight.
are we going to gramma’s house?
yes we are.
are we going to gramma’s house?
yes we are.
are we going to gramma’s house?
yes we are
  • you know you just picked that up.. and yet it’s on the floor again!!
  • your floor cupboards are NEVER how you left them.
  • you find treasure dropped into the toilet
  • you have ever had to fish the treasure out of the toilet 😦
  • you find yourself twirling in circles because someone thinks it hilarious!!!
  • you leave the house with a clean shirt, and buckle yourself into the car with a dirty one.
  • when you happily ask for or share a diaper with ladies in the restroom of a store.
  • when various household items are thrown over the 2nd floor banister.
  • the TP in the bathroom seems to run out rapidly???
  • you are fishing TP out of the bathroom sink 😦
  • you are fishing who knows what out of the ‘chipmunk cheeks’ of a child.
  • you have PBJ smeared on your cheek because someone REALLY wanted to give you a kiss.
  • you forget about getting things done.. when they are sleeping YOU are sleeping 😉
  • you find the nail clippers or cell phone while doing a load of dirty clothes 😦
  • you get nervous when things are quiet…gatta go!!!

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