Quake in DC

Well, folks, if Wednesday is any indication of what the California folks experience regularly, then I will NEVER, EVER, EVER LIVE IN CALIFORNIA!!!

It started around 2pm for us here east of the Capital.  My neighbors and I all agree that it began by feeling like the dryer as shimmying with a large blanket inside.  As it ramped up my hubby, who had just got home, asked if the kids were running around upstairs.  See, the crazy part for us was that the ‘sound’ of the quake was coming from the upper floor.  It makes sense that this portion of the house is what was rattling the most.

When I found my 4 older kids sitting in the living room with huge eyes, I finally noticed the pictures on our walls were swaying like some freakish toy.  I knew it was an earthquake (thank you Discovery channel earthquake shows) and we herded everyone outside.  I sent hubby upstairs to grab a sleeping baby.  You have to understand that our home is poorly constructed, put up during the early ’90s housing boom.  I mean we have frame work in the unfinished  basement that are already leaning and bowing.  My daughter said, “I thought it was a helicopter flying too low to the house.”

It was the freakiest thing I have ever personally experienced.  It was the odd combination of trying to keep your balance and not feeling like you are.  My legs felt like I had over done the stair stepper and were jelly like.  My stomach knotted up because I was genuinely afraid of this thing!!!  We had no idea how long it would last!!!

We stood on the deck as it subsided.  I tell you, standing on a deck, feeling like you are swaying on a porch swing Sunday afternoon, is disconcerting.  The ground just should not do that!!  😉  I know, I know, the CA folks can laugh all they want, but this Midwest born/bred gal has never experienced that before EVER!!   And it scared me but good!!

Here are some pictures of the damage that it did with the monuments.  We just didn’t build like we had to secure things from earthquakes 😦  It is sad!!

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