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The 19th century witnessed many historic events outside of the American Civil War. This is the place to share all those events.

Did you study the industrial revolution of Europe or America? Have you studied Queen Victoria and her glorious reign of England? Have you walked the halls of Ellis Island where millions of immigrants walked during the immigration boom? This is the place to share those experiences.

Helpful Resources







  • Adoniram Judson: Americas first missionary
  • Andrew Jackson. 1:55 in length, may need to split it up, doesn’t hide the colorful past of this president.
  • Fathers of Texas: 3 part history of the state of Texas
  • Louisiana Purchase, complete with maps
  • Excellent Napoleon videos by PBS, split into 4 parts, each 45 min. Does mention the word ‘lover’ and discusses Napoleon having mistresses
  • War of 1812: Long video 1:54, can be split up over several days
  • The Mormon Trail: Tom Bodett (Motel 6 guy) narrates a historically, informative tour of the Mormon trail on location. Very fun and interesting! 
  • History Channel Documentary:


  • Excellent site on the French Revolution
  • Interactive website for the Oregon Trail studies
  • Nat Turner Rebellion. Short article explaining the details of the rebellion including what led Nat Turner to rebel. Not gruesome, but does discuss the murders.

Until this post grows, I will organize these events by continent.



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