Journal May 23, 1995

This week’s journal entry is short.  I am enjoying my own trip down memory lane.  So many people I knew, so many things I did.  See, I’m not on Facebook, and there is a good reason why I am not, so I don’t have the pleasure of finding out where some of these people have are now.  In some ways, I think that helps me to look back on my memories and keep them untainted with reality 😉 Again, no editing, you get what was written all those years ago.

May 23, 1995
   Tomorrow is my government final.  I’m nervous.  What if i fail?  I don’t graduate.  I have to graduate.  4 years I have lived at East.  I can’t take much more.
   I get to go pick up Dawn tomorrow.  I’m going to love it.  I get 2 whole hours with her.  I can’t wait to unload.  All my fears and anxieties will fall from the shelf I’ve stuffed them.  I can’t wait anymore, I had my McKay’s final today and it was all essay.  Ahhhh!


Memory Lane
Please be sure to include the button in your memory so others can come share theirs 🙂

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