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Good Friday to you all!  We have sort of just been plugging away here.  If you have some random stuff floating around your head and want to unload it, hop on over to Half Past Kissin Time.  There is a lovely lady there who hosts Friday Fragments.  Give is a try 😉

We have been all about school here these last couple weeks.  Getting our minds back into it and staying on track.  You can read about our homeschooling adventures on the tab ‘Homeschooling’ above or by clicking the link.

We have also been working on some attitude issues and some motivation problems.  Whenever you try to adjust a child’s negative behavior, you have to be pretty consistent, have the energy to do it, and I am feeling that drain this week.  Terrible 2’s nothing!!!  The combo of an 18 month boy with my 4yr old is exhausting.  However, I will still honestly tell you that chasing after and dealing with these boys is much easier than understanding my daughter.  Why do they cry so much?? Why!

My sister is having her baby today via C-section.  She is the shortest sister at just 5′ even.  Her ultrasound yesterday showed Gabriel weighing over 9lbs already.  Her OB told her he really didn’t want her to attempt to push that out.  My best friend (also very short) nearly bled to death pushing her 9lb 6oz firstborn out.  I am very happy about Beth not having that same experience.

I will leave you all with this week’s Friday Flashback.  It is a short week on the brain, so few fragments to dump 😉  Have a great weekend!  I was totally going to marry Matt Nelson when I was in Jr. High!!!  Benjamin, I love you more and most… can’t live without your love and affection sweetheart!!

12 thoughts on “FF with Love and Affection”

  1. That’s a big baby. My husbands aunts kids were both over 10 pds. I thought having a 7.8 lb kid was painful. Ye-ouch.I’d like to know why girls are SO dramatic. Honestly my 5 yr old puts divas to shame sometimes.Happy Friday!

  2. You asked how to get the word verification ‘stopped’ in a blog by blogger….go to your admin/dashboard….click on your blog link. Then: SETTINGS/COMMENTS…scroll down to “show word verification for comments” and make sure the “NO” is clicked on! Scroll down and then save settings.

    1. Is this in the new or the old interface for blogger? I am using the new interface and I can’t find that setting in mine. Did you have to do the word verification with my blog? I don’t have to when I leave a comment but I am the owner. Not sure if that makes a difference.

    1. I had no idea you were so all. I would feel quite midget next to you ;-)Some births are just hard, the size didn’t hurt as much as these huge heads that just would not cone for me 😦

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