Baby Blues

I swear, sometimes I feel like the writers of Baby Blues (Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott) spy on our family! That comic strip has humored me and touched me many times over since it began. This week’s series is right on!!! You can check out more of my favorite Baby Blues humor on my Pinterest … More Baby Blues

The Likes Adoption

Today I have the pleasure to introduce you to a fellow blogger, sister-in-Christ, and I am excited to be doing it! Through a mutual friend, I met Carrie earlier this week . I interviewed Carrie concerning her adoption journey and this is what she would love for you to know: We are the Likes Family … More The Likes Adoption

SSM: Parenthood

Mondays are very hard and we all need a good laugh to perk us up. So welcome to: Side-splitting Mondays My son and I were rolling watching this one. Tim Hawkins is hilarious!!! So may your Monday be humorous and have ya’ a good one!!

Pains in Parenting

There can be many pains in parenting.. but I don’t believe there is a pain beyond losing your child. What an honor this family and the hospital staff bestowed upon others even as their child slipped away from them. Source: via Kristin on Pinterest