FF all about the house…

Mommy's IdeaWell, we made it through another crazy week.  I would rather not re-live some of the trauma of moving with the military, so you won’t hear about it 😉  I did have a fantastic ray of sunshine Thursday morning while I was traveling back from Falls Church, VA (where the dog was dropped off) back to my house on our way to our family’s interview (8:30am, downtown DC, ’nuff said).

It is Cherry Blossom Festival time!!  It is the most lovely ‘stuck in traffic’ experience I have ever had.  These pale pink/white blooms hugged the entire shoreline of the Potomac River.  Crossing the bridge in the District was just breathtaking and beautiful!!  I happily stared out the window while sitting for the various lights to get around the Lincoln Memorial and thanked God for getting to see them before we moved.  You guys have GOT to come see this sometime, it is well worth the effort!!!


Have you guys ever read anything that just really got your attention and you thought about it for hours, maybe days later??  I read a post from Traci @ Star In My Own Universe this week about “The Mom I Was Going to Be“, and I loved it!!!  Well worth the read, she is so honest and I resonate with this post!!


Just FYI, there is an app to help you locate your stolen phone!! I have a family friend who did just that (he is very techy, so this really didn’t surprise me to hear).  He caught the thief who stole his phone, read about how he did it and get yourself that app!!!


Oh, and speaking of phones, this moving to Alaska thing just keeps handing out road bumps!!!  We have to give up our cell phone numbers and switch carriers for the first time in over a decade!!!  It’s going to be horrible!!  Except that the 2 people I text with the most will now be with the same carrier…. always a silver lining folks!!

We also had to reschedule our Alaska Marine ferry thing so we could get the van onto it, and that meant we had to disembark in Haines… leaving a 3 day drive on the Alcan Hwy that we had been trying to avoid.


I shared a button code a few weeks ago and I discovered that the code was actually wrong.  Here is a great button grab box code for anyone that may want their own button to share:


<a href=" http://www.yourblogurl.com " target="_blank"><img src=" your.image.url " alt="Your Blog Title" width="125" height="125" /></a>


I miss my dog already.  He has been gone only a day and I already had to sweep up after supper BY MYSELF and there was no one to greet me and to pet while I was having my morning coffee.  That is just not fun 😦  However, the lady who was driving him to the breeder called to reassure me that he was a VERY happy puppy running around her yard with one of her Swissies.


We have enjoyed hunting through the housing market up in Anchorage AK.  I am one of those truly weird people who love walking through open houses and ‘shopping’ so to speak for a home.  We don’t know if we are going to buy, we prefer to rent since we have no idea where the military will send us in two years.  But I did want to share with you one dream home we have drooled over a couple times… I wonder if they are desperate to sell for my measly housing amount???


24 thoughts on “FF all about the house…”

  1. Ah, I just passed through DC last week. Just beautiful..but the traffic:( Wow that house was just simply amazing. I am hoping you can get ‘more’ house in Alaska than you could in DC.I look forward to following your moving saga:)

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