My Cousin’s Guest Post

My cousin Sam is such a great, amazing, caring, fun guy.  He is one of my besties and is always there whenever I need him… no matter what I have been up to.  This was his offering for my Birthday Month Guest Post.  You will catch his unique brand of humor fairly early in this post 😉

So my OLDER cousin Kay is turning 35, man what a huge number (I mean, you know, I knew dirt was old but this sort of old is quite an accomplishment). 

She was able to survive being the oldest of three girls.  As a fellow oldest (though not as old as Kay) child I know how hard it can be and all the sacrifices that we make to ensure our younger siblings get the best.  But like any trooper she persevered and came out all the stronger.  

Then she went off to college and during one semester met some guy who took her away from us. Though since they have been blessed with 5 wonderful children, we have forgiven him.  

But enough about her I mean it is only her 35th birthday, lets talk about me, see I am her younger cousin.  However if you talked to us it would probably be more like she is my MUCH OLDER sister.  Growing up we were so much more like siblings than cousins (though that would have made one of our mothers were in labor for 6 months, and I am guessing that wouldn’t have been pretty).  But our connection was quite strong and kinda comical. 

We lived an hour away from each other yet we both picked up the same bad habit about the same time (both have since kicked it) yet didn’t want to tell each other cause we KNEW the other would not approve.  

And just a few years ago I was reminded about how we will always be close to each other.  Kay and Fam dropped by for Christmas, and we were louder than the little kids (which is saying a lot since there were like 7 or so kids there).  But as age starts to creep up (on her not me) I start to see her as an older sister and she was able to teach me a bunch.  Especially as I get ready to launch my own married life (there seems something poetic that she was the first of the cousins to get married and I am the last we just bookended it).  See she taught me about courage.  I don’t know how many times she would get talked to about something that she did (but here is the kicker to both our moms I WAS MY IDEA) she would do what I thought of but didn’t quite have the courage to do.  

There is only one thing that I have ever beaten her to, I joined the Army first.  Besides that she has always been my Forward Observer, she would clear the path for me and once it was safe I would take the path.  It will be harder now that she is getting to move again, I had really wanted to come and spend some time with her in DC while she was there, going through the monuments and museums (my poor fiance is marrying someone who loves History), but I guess I will just have to visit her in Alaska and take in the gorgeous views up there.   

But Happy Birthday you old Lady, you have earned all the grey hairs, even if you cover them up .


4 thoughts on “My Cousin’s Guest Post

  1. Covering up the gray? No!!! It’s distinction. But wait…okay, at 35 maybe not so, huh? Enjoyed the post…it’s good, and very refreshing to read the closeness you two have had for life!!!Oh, and happy happy 35th!!OSPREY’s ‘catch of the day’…come on over to view a couple of magnificent images of the regal bird if you have some time!!!

    1. I don’t cover it up anymore, not worth all the hassle. At this point I have earned each lovely silver strand 😉 What makes me really chuckle is that he is only 6 months younger 😉

    1. We both started smoking and just wouldn’t bring ourselves to confess to the other for that exact reason!! Thankfully we have both been able to kick that, but it was hard for me.

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