Funny things they say…

Being offline means that I don’t get to participate with my cousins and their funny conversations. I miss it.

–Both Layni and Sam are doing workout routines that are busting their bodies…

“Okay whos stupid idea was it for me to do all exersizes with the 20 lb kettlebell yesterday?” Sam

“Oh, I have an idea…” Layni

–Then there are just the random funnies of Sam working at the USDA lab.

“Yay they are taking our fire alarms off line so we are supposed to call if we see a fire” Sam

“Just run down the hall screaming “FIRE!!!!! FIRE!!!!!!!”
I’m sure it will be just as effective.” Layni

“And watch the herd stampede, Oh my that almost hurts with laughter” Sam, who is still sore from the kettle balls.

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