Gentlemen, start your adventure

As we rolled out of Bowie this morning, I could not help but hear Willie Nelson in my head singing “On the road again”

We woke up thisorning in a friends house, as opposed to the air mattress of an empty home. I dropped Ben off at the train, his last commute in the DC area. I stopped by Safeway for our last round of Safeway donuts (the swirled, glazed ones with cinnamon in between swirls) and took them to my children. Our delightful hostess also had cinnamon rolls with milk for the kids 😉

Ben was able to sign out by 0900 (that’s 9am) and we were on the road.

We ate at Chick-fil-a in Frederick (none of those in Alaska) and rolled towards West Virginia. We didn’t see a single rest stop between Frederick, MD and Clarksburg, WV. With no large motor venting rest stop running, would you like to guess what my children chose to do in the Starbucks there in Clarksburg?? So we did jumping jacks in front of the van and a great round of Are We There Yet.

Ben turned to me just a moment ago with a smirk on his face to say “And this isn’t even a long day”. Hahahahaha

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