Flying high

Well who knew I could do it?? I am blogging while flying! Unknown Mami did it once and I just thought that was so cool. Now I get to be cool too!

– I actually hate flying. The taking off makes my tummy go flip flop and landing is worse than taking off. The flight today has been calm and the pilot even flew a bit out of the way to avoid a storm system that was causing other planes to bounce around a bit

– Several hours of the flight were taken up with the in-flight movie. They showed Avengers. I was very excited. Hubby has fully hooked me on the super hero movies 😉

-This week I got the kids set up in the local homeschool system. I plan to blog more about that later. You can opt to participate with their local school and enjoy some financial benefits for the students. I am most excited about the kids finally getting into music. My daughter wants to follow her mommy and is going to learn the violin, so cool!

– We are not making huge steps in the potty training area. I am barely keeping up with the child who wants to be a big boy and go potty all by himself. This usually means I have a half naked child show up in the room and then the hunt begins for where the dirty one was removed. Thankfully the others help in locating it 😉

– My hubby has a crazy August schedule. I am most excited about his hunting trip. He will be up near the Arctic Ocean hunting caribou. Please consider praying for his safety. He will be up in polar bear territory.

After that he has a marriage retreat to conduct, then a trip to Texas for Med Chaplain training. We won’t see each other much 😦

– Sometime next month I should be getting my dog back. When I can I will be sharing the photos of him getting his championship and his honors. He gets to go back to being a plain old pet and fur baby. I am really looking forward to having him home. I am so tired of sweeping the floor after lunches and cleaning the booster seat out!!!

THANK YOU BEN FOR MY FLIGHT!!! And for making the wedding travel happen. I love you sweetie!!

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