We are traveling again. This time we are heading up to Fairbanks where over half of my husband’s unit is. For this trip we are trying to keep it as cheap as possible. Let me show you what I mean 🙂

This trip we are taking our breakfast and lunches with us. Now some of you may feel that a huge cooler to lug around on vacation is just too much hassle. My hubby felt that way for years. He didn’t change his mind until we ate out of a cooler during our PCS on the Black Hills. (yay for us, right Joyce??)

Also, recently I discovered just how much money we save when I make my own bread.

I bought snacks, made muffins to freeze and bring, I made 3 loaves of bread, chocolate chip bars for dessert, packed the bowls and spoons we already own (I can wash these each morning after breakfast, no money spent), we brought a coffee pot with our coffee grounds to keep us away from Starbucks. Those little 4 cups deals they have in the room don’t cut it 😉

So we woke up this morning in our hotel, ate in the common area overlooking the river and the ducks. It was quite lovely.

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