Wish You Were Here

JHowdy all! My regulars knnow that my whole family has been up here for a visit to the great state of Alaska. That would be a very good reason for my absence in writing 😉 We are having a great time despite the fact that there are time when 3 bathrooms just aren’t enough for … More Wish You Were Here

Such a funny memory.

Ok, this Memory Lane is probably one of those “had to be there” moments.  But first, a bit of history so you can understand why on earth my sisters and I nearly died laughing during our California trip. My mother is very reserved.  She was the youngest, a Pastor’s daughter, from the Mennonite tradition.  At … More Such a funny memory.

Flying high

Well who knew I could do it?? I am blogging while flying! Unknown Mami did it once and I just thought that was so cool. Now I get to be cool too! – I actually hate flying. The taking off makes my tummy go flip flop and landing is worse than taking off. The flight … More Flying high


We are traveling again. This time we are heading up to Fairbanks where over half of my husband’s unit is. For this trip we are trying to keep it as cheap as possible. Let me show you what I mean 🙂 This trip we are taking our breakfast and lunches with us. Now some of … More Traveling

I remember when…

I really enjoy memories, even when I don’t get all the facts right 😉  In fact, this is a common joke among the sisters, that I can hardly remember anything and my younger sister Beth never forgets 😦 The past few days have been full of fun and adventure in the Black Hills of SD. … More I remember when…

Scenic drives

We prefer to take the scenic route when traveling and today that proved to be EXTREMELY restful and relaxing. We drove from home down to Williamsburg, VA. The goal for our weekend excursion was to forget all about the house I have to clean and return to our landlord. The highway drive today already did … More Scenic drives