Such a funny memory.

Memory Lane
Ok, this Memory Lane is probably one of those “had to be there” moments.  But first, a bit of history so you can understand why on earth my sisters and I nearly died laughing during our California trip.

My mother is very reserved.  She was the youngest, a Pastor’s daughter, from the Mennonite tradition.  At the dinner table there was no belching or farting, and absolutely no course conversation.  Growing up we weren’t allowed to even say ‘butt’, let alone any actual foul language.  In my young life, the only time I ever heard my mother utter a swear word was when I was just learning to drive and some idiot pulled out right in front of me.  I was way more shocked at my mother than the knuckle head in front of me!!!  But that little slip IS IT!!  Now for a memory…

Have you guys every seen National Lampoon’s Vacation?  You know, the one where they visit Hoover Dam??  Here is a brief reminder clip, you will need this for my memory today 😉

Now that you have been refreshed, please take yourselves back to the summer of 2001.  My cousin was getting married in San Diego and we were going as a family.  I was married with a 6 month baby, but that didn’t deter my parents and sisters from including me in the adventure.  It was a blast, right down to acting ridiculous after we had been fed (there is something about the sudden rush of caloric energy and getting in a vehicle).  

We had a blast at the wedding (hosted at a resort, turn down service and mints on the pillows!), relaxed at the reception, and then did some California sight seeing.  We took the Ocean Highway drive up past Coronado where my father had been stationed in the Navy, we also got ourselves totally scared and lost taking the wrong exit in Las Angeles.  It took every so long to drive around a city block to get back on the freeway to hit the right exit.  I don’t think any of us enjoyed that part 😦

My other cousin Erin was out there in Optometry school, so we had planned to swing by her place on the way to Monterrey.  Even after hosting such a wonderful wedding, he still insisted we come up to see the dolphins, tour the Bay shopping, and just enjoy more family time.  Woohoo, oh yea!!!

Please keep in mind this is before GPS, we were following a printed set of directions and getting a bit confused with the same name in St, Pl, Ln, Ave.  We kept circling around this landscaped dam with large, white rocks on the face.  As we rolled around, yet again down the same road my mother looks out her window and says, very calmly, “Oh look, there are those dam rocks again.”

The whole van exploded in laughter, and even relaying this story today, I am laughing again!!!  It will always make me laugh whenever I hear my reserved mother say, clear as a bell: Look, dam rocks!!!!  Thank you mom for so many wonderful memories, and so many funny ones as well 😉

I know it’s been a while, so let’s just review: you must include the button in your post, a direct URL to your memory posting, and don’t feel obligated to join in at all.  As always, you can just enjoy my memories!!

Memory Lane

4 thoughts on “Such a funny memory.

  1. We saw some dam rocks again on this trip at the Coon Rapids Dam regional park and at the St Croix NSR. All that were missing were Kara and April…we even had a 6 month old baby boy!

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