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FF: My Boyfriend’s Back

Welcome to another Friday of randomness, hosted this summer by Claudya over at Unknown Mami. She’s a sweet gal, hop over and introduce yourself!! While you are at it, you can dump your own random thoughts that never quite made a full post.


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Well, my boyfriend isn’t back, but the moose are. So we sing “hey la, the moose is back.” The mama showed up last month with no babies in tow, having pushed off her twins from last year. She wandered down our road last week with a brand new set of twins, meaning we got the camera ready for more pictures while remembering to scan the yard before stepping off the porch.

But I am going to tell you that moose in the yard can make some amazing photo opportunities…unless they are having a staring contest with your children who are too far from the house for protection. We had the kids out running laps around our yard to burn energy before dinner when hubby called out that the moose was coming. I ran outside to see if she was going to intersect with the kids, and she was heading that way. Mama moose are not friendly!!!! She stood, hooves on the driveway, just staring at my kids while I was trying to navigate them to a safe position near the garage. Thankfully, my husband was more level headed and jogged out into the yard with protection. I guess hubby is an imposing person because she started wandering over into the neighbor’s yard instead. My kids made it safely into the house and that’s when we noticed that she no longer had twins… only one calf was trailing her around. Nature can be such a brutal thing 😦


I have to give it to apple, they have several products that I am really enjoying using. The messaging system saves me big time on my text minutes since I go with the no contract phone system. You would really be surprised how fast I can burn up 1,000 text messages when things are happening in my friends’ lives.

The other thing I am really enjoying is Facetime. Not only can hubby just hop on to chat during his lunch hour, but this week I got to Facetime with a friend I have been away from for years. Sometimes the military life can be very challenging and it’s always nice to look a friend in the face who understands. It was an added bonus that this friend really didn’t care about my Alaska winter weight that is being stubborn about leaving, nor my post-sunburn-peeling face. Good times!


I had an interesting email this week. I think the kids and I are going to attempt to make these huge bubbles too. You can read about the making of them on this story board. Not sure if you knew about the story boards on Photobucket. I have yet to attempt this feature, but it does look cool. If you click on the picture, it will take you to the storyboard and the instructions on how to create these huge bubbles yourself!heroWide


Hey, I read something this week that was exceptionally moving. Our very own Tami @Pretty Perplexing was a guest writer and chose to write about her struggles with Bipolar and how it has affected her marriage. It is well worth your time to read the article. She has also encouraged me to share my ‘love story’. I happen to think we have a fun story…. not sure if other people think so??

Pretty Purplexing


 There are 2 recipes I just can’t wait to dive into this month… and I say month because next week is going to be crazy, then we have more guests coming…. someday I am going to try these recipes, right??

One of them is a Hawiian bread recipe, but it is done in the bread machine. I am going to need to play with it to adapt it to my non-machine style. Also, cheese stuffed biscuits?? Oh yea baby, who wouldn’t love that?

[alpine-phototile-for-pinterest src=”board” uid=”tettelestai” board=”Breaking-Bread” imgl=”link” curl=”” pinit=”1″ dlstyle=”medium” style=”bookshelf” row=”2″ size=”192″ num=”12″ highlight=”1″ align=”center” max=”40″]


Next week is the big travel weekend. Prayers for our flight with the kids would be MUCH appreciated. I can’t wait to share photos and stories the following week πŸ˜‰ If we survive such a whirlwind trip! Haha

16 thoughts on “FF: My Boyfriend’s Back”

  1. What an adventure ti have moosi
    in your yard!!! We like adding an “I” to random words to make them plural. cacti, fungi, moosi.

    1. Yeppers, moosi. That’s pretty cute!! You know, you should come up here to see them in our yard in person. My sisters got to see the family wander through the yard. We all acted like such tourists… even the ones who live here πŸ˜‰

  2. Moose in your yard…how cool is that! My sister has deer that keep coming to her yard. A mama and it was one baby and then 2 babies and one evening there were 3 babies. She must be babysitting is the only thing I can figure.

    1. Hahaha, babysitting, that is pretty funny! I laughed out loud. The moose are generally no issue, unless they have young with them. But they are an amazing animal to behold, truly.

  3. During the very short time I lived in Alaska, I walked up on a moose and quite quickly got away……I had no idea at the time how dangerous they can be…yikes!

    I’m quite sure your love story is wonderful….go for it and write it.

    I haven’t used FaceTime because the one time I tried, I got so scared when I saw my face that I clicked right off!!

    Safe travels!

    1. Oh I know it!! My friend asked why she could only see my eyes and forehead at first. I told her I was hiding the double chin effect since I was looking ‘down’ to chat. It took some getting used to πŸ˜‰ Good for you getting away from the moose. Not a critter to be over friendly with πŸ˜‰

  4. Well, living in the foothills of Colorado when I was young, we had deer, elk, bobcats and mountain lions on our property and adjacent properties. Now, moose in the yard would be an adventure.

    1. Bobcats and Mt Lions are not friendly either!! Those can be down right nasty. I would love to see an elk up close. Was is crying like they do? That wail is something that really sticks in your mind once you hear it.

  5. Moose? I saw my first and only moose in May while vacationing in Alaska. I saw a mom and baby crossing a small body of water. I think it would be very scary to know one was near a child.

    1. Aw, I wish I had known you were up here! Could have grabbed coffee. You came during the perfect month. Did you get to see Denali? What all did you get to see while up here?

  6. A young teacher at school was married in May and they moved to Alaska- her new hubby is stationed there. She is LOVING it! She posts pictures all the time on fb and the scenery is stunning! She also includes pictures of moose. πŸ™‚

    1. It really is stunning up here, that’s a good word. The mountains are every where and gorgeous! So glad to hear she loves it. It does grab you, for sure!

  7. Lots going on here!
    First off, I adore the moose is back. I have never actually seen a moose. We have deer everywhere in my neighborhood and on a daily we brake for them or find them outside our window. It’s pretty cool, actually. Would love to loo out and see a moose!

    I love bubbles and good luck with the new recipes.

    1. You are always welcome in my home, grab an Air Force HOP and come on up!!! You may want to wait till Sept. The weather has been so very warm for Alaska that the critter activity is pretty low right now.

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