Friday Fragments

FF: Rain, Rain, Go Away

 Here we are, another Friday!! We have had 2 weeks of rain at this lovely point. It has been an amazing Alaska summer, so I can’t complain. But I can tell you this, that not seeing the sun does indeed affect certain folks in my household.

If you have tidbits that never fully materialized into a full blog post, come on over and join in with Mrs. 4444. She loves the tidbits!!! It’s why she started Friday Fragments.


Half-Past Kissin' Time



Eye Catching Articles

Let’s remember our Brothers and Sisters in Christ this week. Pray diligently for those suffering in Egypt this past week.

A former SAS soldier is claiming that Princess Diana’s death was a contracted hit done by the SAS, but covered up. I think the timing is horrific as William has just had his first child and is adjusting to being a military dad right now. Such a dark rain cloud to throw over this family to drudge up this old hurt.

This week, the Secretary of Defense signed an order allowing all homosexual couples 10 days off to go get married, claiming that this way they can be married and their partner can qualify for health benefits. The only issue is that no other couples have been allowed this free time off (meaning they don’t lose accrued days off, no leave taken away) and that is causing quite a bit of friction among the members of the military. No body appreciates such double standards.

Please be careful traveling abroad. Folks don’t want to admit or understand what it means in our country to be a post-Christian country. This college student witnessed a totally different worldview during her trip to India. It so jarred her mentally that she had to take time away from school.

 There is nothing I can possibly say about the absolutely hateful letter a Canadian family recieved this week concerning their autistic son. It was absolutely horrible to read and hear about!!!


My cousin’s little girl is doing amazing!!! You may all remember that she was born at 24 weeks only weighing 13ozs. She is now over her due date, over 5 lbs, and took a bottle for the first time this week. She is still in the NICU, which has been so very hard for my cousin and his wife. They have humbled and impressed me with their optimism. Elli is such a trooper. I think she is biding her time to get them back for all the months of poking and jabbing she has suffered while in the NICU šŸ˜‰ And I have been taking notes for her so she won’t forget… yea, I’m like that šŸ˜‰



Hear around the house:

Mom, we did three laps, can we come back in the house now?


Mom, mom come here!
(Sounds desperate, so I sprint up the steps to find this)
Look! Look what I made.
Noah, what are you doing up there?
Playing Legos.
(chuckled to myself, so much for putting them up out of his reach)



give thanksY’all, I am so excited!!! I am babysitting one of my favorite carnivals for a while. A friend of mine is adjusting to life after a military move, so I get to host Thankful Thursdays for a while. Sometimes we can dwell on the negatives of life, just steep in the mundane joylessness. But I want to encourage folks to be thankful, to remind themselves of all the blessings they have in life. Thankful Thursday is all about that. A post of thankfulness. Please consider stopping by and linking your list of blessings in with me!!

You can read about my blessings at Thankful for Excitement.

And don’t forget tomorrow’s Pinterest Passion is all about the creative and clever pins that caught your attention this week!

13 thoughts on “FF: Rain, Rain, Go Away”

  1. I do not do well without sun for any extended period. We have had so much rain in Philadelphia and it honestly does depress me.
    I agree, what horrible stuff to dredge up at this time for poor William.
    That letter to the Mom of the autistic child has had me teary for days. I have an autistic grandson. Regardless I hope they find the person and prosecute this as a hate crime. My daughter has been asked many times why she didn’t have an abortion. I am so glad good still tries to outweigh the bad.
    That baby is BEAUTIFUL and the story made me teary. I will be praying for her to get stronger…
    Your little guy made me laugh for real…Oh my goodness LOL

    1. Your daughter didn’t abort that baby because all life is precious!! Good for her! I do not understand people like that!!!

      Elli is a miracle!! God has blessed her life so much!!

      1. I don’t know but our yard would love you!!!

        Hey, have you changed your email addy since you made your blogger profile? Cause when you leave me a comment and I reply to it my emails come straight back as undeliverable.

        You left a comment today saying you signed up for instagram only now you don’t know what to do with it.

        My email reply WOULD have said: Wait for the cracker???

        1. Ok, I have to look into that. Why would my email be doing that???!!! Now I have to figure out what on earth I said. I like saltines and all but why would I be commenting about crackers??

  2. We here in Texas have been in a 3 year drought now, and the water levels in our reservoirs are sitting at 18% capacity. We need your rains…

    Awwwwwwwwwww, Elli is such a sweet thing! She’ll do well in this world, I’m sure. Keep up the good work Elli!!! Soon you’ll be home.

    I read that about Diana’s demise and wondered why bring this up NOW? Prince George will have his hands full someday as will William and Kate. I just hope that someday this will all be behind us and the media will give it up.

  3. Wish I could take some of the rain off your hands…
    That baby is beautiful and clearly necessary to this world — she has a fighting spirit. God bless her. I hope she comes home soon.
    I think the Thankful Thursday sounds wonderful. I may just join in!

    1. Consider yourself officially invited to join in on Thursday, I would LOVE to have you!! I would also love to pass along the rain šŸ˜¦ If it could just hold off the rest of this week…

      I think Elli is going to be a fighter too. I have only been able to see her in pictures…. so hard!!!

  4. Wow–That college student’s story was sobering. I admire her for speaking out and am glad that she’s getting help.

    Your cousin’s little girl…adorable!

    Thanks for linking up šŸ™‚ Have a great weekend.

    1. I was also thankful that she shared her story, too! Very horrific, but necessary to share.

      I think Elli is adorable as well!!!

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