Fragments for Patty

 Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments

I am very excited for my October 31 Day Challenge subject: Breast Cancer. We love Ben’s mother to this disease in 2005, so I am planning a month of the various ways this disease has touched our lives and remembering Patty.

If Breast Cancer has touched your life in some way, please let me know. I would love for you to write a guest post for this Pink Ribbon Month! Contact Me if you would like to share your story!

My 31 Day Challenge can be found with “Remembering Patty”. It has been a blessing to remember her because time can dull the memory a bit. I want to have a healthy memory of her and not create a saint where there was none. Nor do I want to so live in the past that the life around me is missed.

remembering patty


Did you guys see this video? Apparently I am seriously behind the techy times and really don’t care because there is NO WAY I would wait in a line for a new iPhone 5S. NO WAY!! Do these people not have jobs and how can they afford to sit that long in a line for a $$$ phone?? The camera guy’s look at 5:10m is hilarious!


Would you like to enter to win a new house? I am not on FB, but if you happen to want to sign up for a new set of ‘digs’, hop on over via Zillow and sign up for one!


Here are some household tidbits that would have made Patty smile!

~ Noah is speaking so well at his young age that it still shocks me! My other kids just didn’t speak early or well at this age. I find myself having an argument with a verbally sound 3 year old and wanting to just laugh at the absurd conversation. It makes me think of the stories she would tell of my hubby at this age. Hubby was an early speaking child and would shock people when he answered the phone around age 1.

~ We nearly had to hit the ER twice in one day again. We haven’t had that since 2007! I was being foolish and trying to head down our front steps while setting up a pedometer app. I completely messed up the final step and rolled my ankle severely. We are pretty sure I damaged some ligaments or tendons. I haven’t been able to get int for my MRI yet, so no definite news. Not 10 minutes after I got into my chair with my foot up but Josh came running inside yelling that JJ was bleeding. He was also acting foolish and face planted on the driveway. His booboo did not end up needing stitches, but he sure looked rough!!

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”1929″ align=”center” size=”medium”]

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”1930″ align=”center” size=”medium”]

~ She would have prayed diligently for my cousin’s baby. Elli is having trouble getting over a major hurdle. The issue is such that she has coded and required CPR several times in the past week. That is extremely scary! She has been moved to NE for a second opinion on the hurdle. Please pray for Elli.

~ Patty would have been thrilled right alongside us for our new assignment.We received news last week that we are heading to South Carolina for a January military school. We love SC, Patty loved SC, it would have been great! They were stationed there when my husband was around 10 years old. My FIL had a low key job, so they did a lot as a family, making many fun memories that I have heard often! There is even a family tree planted there with the family names on it! If we ever have a property that could support it, we have every intention of asking the city for the tree to transplant it onto our land. I would love that!

~ I think Patty would also have enjoyed seeing Alaska. Rumor has it my FIL attempted to get stationed up here several time and never was given the chance. She would have loved the view from our back deck, the wild life, and the weather. However, getting up here would not have been her favorite. She would fly, but was not fond of doing it. She was a bit on the heavy side and hated being squished into a small seat and sitting still for hours. I do believe that she would have come up for a visit if at all possible.

Those are my fragments for this week. I hope you all have a great weekend and a safe one!!! We already have ‘termination’ snow on our mountains, signaling the termination of summer. I am going to miss that view!!!

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2 thoughts on “Fragments for Patty”

  1. I had my 3-year-old granddaughter Peyton the other day and I asked her what kind of milk she wanted and she said the regular white kind, please. To me it sounded so strange to hear her say regular.
    Oddly, I have not lost anyone to breast cancer. Other cancers, yes I’ve lost too many and my best friend is fighting for her life now. Two of my sister-in-laws had breast cancer at the same time last year and a niece is in treatment now. It all sucks!
    A professional line sitter. hmmm I guess that’s what all the ticket scalpers are doing now. I do not have an Iphone but my granddaughter does. I am kind of shocked she hasn’t asked my husband for the new one…yet.
    Are the kids excited about the move? SC is so beautiful!

    1. I knew about your friend who is fighting now, how is she doing? We are very excited for SC! We love the state, we love the beach, and we will be close to old friends who will be attending the same school. It’s such a military dream come true!!

      I like ‘regular’ milk too 😉

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