Planners for Students

remembering patty

Patty was an organized lady! She could organize me under the table when it came to dates and appointments. It got to be very embarrassing at times. But she was old school in the organizing and planning process. She used good old paper and pencil and wall calenders. She would kept legal notepads and spiral notebooks all over her kitchen. She didn’t commit to things until she had checked her schedule and I wish I could be more that way. Even with all my techy gadgets, I don’t have a good grasp on the family schedule.

My hubby and I were discussing it just last night that Patty was not a technical type person. She would do email, but very rarely. She was much more interested in fact-to-face relationship, which is why she kept her schedule written down to see. I don’t think she would have had a smart phone with planning tools or list making apps. That just wasn’t her way.

If you have a student that needs to write their schedule down, the Well Planned Day folks are hosting one last big discount sale on planners. This might be a great time to grab one!


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